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practical gifts for new graduates

Graduation Gifts I Wish Someone Had Given Me

By the end of this month, thousands of students will be graduating from college. While some might go back home to live with Mom and Dad, the majority will be moving into the world of paying rent, utilities, car insurance and all the fun stuff that comes with adulthood. I’m sure there are many college students who had to pay for all their expenses from the time they left home, but many are lucky enough to have parents who supported them by paying things like car maintenance, health insurance, and dental visits. It can be a real eye opener to ...

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royal family of wealth

The Royal Family Of Building Wealth

Building wealth is an impressive goal and how we go about achieving that goal is incredibly important. Since the real royal world is busy with baby watch, I thought we’d make up our own kingdom today. Do you want to be the king or queen wealth builder or do you just want a place in courtyard? Let’s look at some steps that make up the royal family of building wealth to see where you rank in the hierarchy. Queen of Wealth In support of gender equality, the queen gets to go first today. The queen of wealth has to be ...

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medical costs for a family

How Much a Healthy Family Spends on Medical Care in a Year

The cost of the health care in the United States is a hot button topic to say the least. People seem to either love/hate Obamacare depending on whether the program actually helped make insurance more affordable or added to the already substantial burden of trying to insure a family and pay medical bills. Since I am lucky enough to have a pretty healthy family and I track all of our spending religiously, I thought it might be interesting to see how much a healthy family spends on medical care in a year. We Have Insurance While it might be cheaper ...

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Singapore wealth management

Transformative Perspectives for Wealth Management in Singapore

Wealth managers deal with financial planning, portfolio securities, and an array of financial services. Typical clients include small business owners and high-net-worth individuals.  Many traditional management firms serve as product providers, offering clients a buffet of securities and financial services. Transformative wealth management in Singapore focuses on offering financial solutions to customers. Managers assess customer needs, set major priorities, and provide a plan. Effective companies enact transformative change in several key areas. Changing Markets Today’s emerging markets are growing faster than established markets. The drive to secure a new market target and evolve the opportunity into a revenue-generating cash cow ...

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ways to save on travel expenses

Tips for Landing Cheap Hotel Deals

Many people often have misconceptions about the hotel accommodation. You don’t need to spend a fortune to stay in an excellent hotel. A little legwork can help you to land cheaper deals, whether you are staying at a luxurious resort or a run-of-the-mill hotel. Using the following tips, you and your companions can enjoy a delightful getaway without crushing your bank account. 1. Request for lower rates This sounds simple, even silly, but it often works like magic. Ask if the hotel is running any packages or promotions and see whether the following apply:  AAA  Senior  Family  Hotel membership  Government ...

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