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2nd graders getting phones

My 2nd Grader Asked For A Phone!

School has been back in session for about 5 weeks now, and second grade is fantastic for the most part. However, I had and interesting conversation with my 7 year old a few weeks ago. I expected it at some point, just not so soon. Yes, my 2nd grader has already asked for a phone! It’s Not The Students From being casual observer parents plus all of Jim’s insight as a teacher and principal over the past 14 years, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the students who have problems. It’s the parents! From the kid in my ...

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getting pre-qualified for a home loan

3 Stress Antidotes for Financing Your Home

There are very few ways to avoid stress while buying a new home. The best that most people who are shopping for a new place to live can hope for is to find ways to mitigate some of their biggest concerns. From getting a pre-qualified loan to delegating closing tasks, these tips for reducing stress can be a big help during the buying process.  Get Pre-Approved on Your Mortgage and Loans  The first step when buying a new house is to get your finances in order. This will help you get a pre-approved mortgage rate and get an idea of ...

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unlimited books on Kindle for $9.99 per month

Is Kindle Unlimited A Good Deal?

One of my biggest impulse buy temptations is Kindle books. For years, I was a hold out and refused adapting to e-books. I thought I preferred an actual text in my hands, and I liked the look of books on a shelf. Doesn’t that make you seem smarter? Anyway, my office staff gave me a Kindle, 2nd generation a few years ago, and I was hooked. No more carrying books around. No more not having a book when I want one. I upgraded to a about a year ago, and it’s like crack for avid readers. Almost any book in ...

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Should I Consider Getting No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

This is a post from DW at No Exam Life Insurance Guide. You might also know him as My Money Design. Enjoy! I have a confession: I hate needles. I hate having my blood drawn. I don’t know what it is, but the less I have to go to the doctor, the better. So is it any wonder that I would be so apprehensive about getting “poked” for something as simple as getting life insurance? As silly as that may sound, I’m sure you could cite this as one of the main reasons why many adults do not obtain life ...

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Having the right disability insurance

Protecting Your Ability to Earn: Have You Got a Plan for Peace of Mind?

If you have a career plan and everything is on track with your personal finances with a regular income, that is obviously good news. Many of us have the ability to generate an income and build some wealth at varying levels but a good number of us simply rely on a regular wage to meet their financial targets and commitments and don’t have a backup plan in place to deal with a financial crisis if we are suddenly unable to work for a period of time. Financially savvy Many hard-working Australians can be considered financially savvy and have a good ...

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