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Highlights from London

In continuing our tour of Europe, today we’ll be visiting London, one of the most expensive cities on the planet. Even if you don’t normally try to collect points and miles, I would consider them if a trip to England is on your bucket list. The exchange rate is not on the side of the US dollar! Here are some highlights from London. Getting Around London After taking the train from Edinburgh, we arrived at St. Pancras, which is right beside King’s Cross station where you catch the underground or “tube” as the locals call it. The tube is one of ...

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make travel easier

How to Avoid Common Travel Problems When You Go Away

Whether you travel for business or leisure, there are plenty of good things about getting away, including having a change of scenery, learning about a new place or culture, ticking sites off your bucket list, and having the chance to meet new people. When you go on vacation, you also have the chance to reconnect with family members or friends and to unwind and de-stress from the busyness of life. However, there are also a number of issues that can crop up when you’re away from home, especially problems that might affect your finances. From losing your all-important credit card ...

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market downturns

Don’t Fear Stock Market Downturns

    There are several reasons not to pay attention to the news. Anyone looking at headlines lately can’t miss seeing headlines like Dow plunges, stock market suffers worst one day drop since 2008, US stocks tumble on global slowdown fears. If hearing that makes you want to stuff money under the mattress, you’re not alone. Fear is a huge motivator when it comes to investing. We work hard for our money, and it’s painful to see balances plummet due to unforeseen events that we don’t even really understand. As hard as it may be, don’t fear stock market downturns. I’m ...

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paying for dental care

Dental Insurance is a Rip Off

  One of the worst things about self employment is insurance or lack thereof. After taking my daughter for her back to school dental visit and coming home with $125 less in my pocket, I decided to look into dental insurance. Maybe with all the recent changes in health care, there was a new affordable plan that might save money? Unfortunately, I came to the same verdict as I did after checking a few years ago, dental insurance is a rip off. If you are self employed or if your work doesn’t offer dental coverage, you can pick up an ...

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redeem points for train trips

Book Amtrak With Points Before It’s Too Late!

  Even though we just took a vacation, that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to begin planning the next trip. We have a couple of things already booked later in the year, including an all inclusive stay in Mexico, but when I heard that the Amtrak reward chart was about to be upended, I decided to book a train trip with points before it’s too late. Why Take the Train? For years, Jim has wanted to travel across the US on a train. I have not been as enthusiastic. While Amtrak travel is relatively cheap, and I thoroughly enjoyed our ...

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