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Response to Yahoo trolls

Kryptonite To The Yahoo Trolls

I read an article earlier this week about a couple who paid off $92,000 in debt in less than three years. As with many articles like this, it was featured on Yahoo Finance, the all star team for trolls. Once I got into the post, I was amazed to find that the couple who paid off this massive debt were both teachers from Tennessee. They achieved their goals by cutting back as much as possible and earning extra income, a tried and true formula anyone can use to get out of debt, even teachers! I could not think of a ...

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investing when you have a pension

Why People With Pension Jobs Still Need To Invest For Retirement

Back in the day, workers could count on putting in 20-30 years on the job and scoring the coveted gold watch AND a lifetime pension. Sure you might be too old and broken down to enjoy it, but by golly, there was a check every month. With that sort of guarantee, there was really no need to save for retirement. Nowadays, pension eligible jobs are few and far between, but if you can score a position with the federal, state or some municipal governments, pensions do still exist. Does that mean people with government jobs don’t have to worry about ...

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insurance for all situations

Don’t Insure Your Desert Life Against Rain Forest Hazards

Be sure to wear your snow boots in Miami. Slather on the sunscreen in June. And remember to pack your surfboard for a trip to Kansas City. Sound silly? Of course it does. As consumers, we know that we don’t waste money on things we have no chance of using. The unique characteristics of different locales throughout the US are well-known by both natives and visitors, so it’s rare that anyone is so irrational in buying goods that they’d stock up on those products in those places. Yet the insurance industry seems to mysteriously escape this kind of thought process ...

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make money by selling your wedding dress

I Want To Sell My Wedding Dress

  One of the most successful ways to make money fast is to sell something that is sitting around the house. When we started paying off debt a few years ago, we made a quick $1000 by getting rid of stuff. It’s sad to get pennies on the dollar for items you bought at full price, but my philosophy is that it’s money I would not have by keeping things we don’t need or use. That brings me to the question of…..are there things that are too sentimental so part with? Am I awful if I want to sell my ...

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protecting your business network security

9 Important Facts About Network Security

Network security is essential for all networks–whether it is a simple network used by a small business that serves a local community or a gargantuan network used by a third-party logistics firm that serves multinational companies. Although, this is a big, complex theme, which this makes it almost impossible to fully grasp, it is possible to get an overview of what it is, how it works, and why it is integral to the success of any enterprise. One way to do this is by reviewing a selection of frequently asked questions. Here, then, are 9 questions about network security that ...

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