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4 Tips for Knowing When to Spend and When to Save

Even the most reluctant spenders understand that there comes a time when they have to spend money. They even recognize that there are times when going with the cheapest option is not a good thing. They just have a little trouble sorting out how to recognize those times. It is not just those obsessed with saving money that experience this problem. At some point, it happens to us all. We all have certain blind spots when it comes to spending money. We routinely overspend on things we don’t have to. And we frequently hold back when we should be investing at a higher level. Here are a few tips that will help determine when to spend and when to save: Spend When a High Level of Skill Is Involved We can live with airlines cutting corners on everything except the maintenance of the plains and the quality of pilots. We also agree that discount surgery is out of the question. Home construction is another one of those areas where skill is worth the premium. Solar panels like the ones you may buy from Ion Solar require an installer with a high level of skill and experience in the same way ...

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Review Of How Andrew Argue Can Help You Grow A Hyper Productive Accounting Company

The world of accounting is a tough industry to both work in and run a business. With so much competition from other firms, it can feel like the deck is stacked against freelance CPAs or small accounting firms that are looking to build their client lists. However, just because there are plenty of options out there doesn’t mean that you are unable to grow your own accounting business. In fact, according to Andrew Argue, nothing is stopping you from achieving hyper-profitability for your accounting company, and all it takes is a little training from Andrew Argue. So, with that in mind, let’s start our review of Andrew Argue to see what he’s all about and how he might be able to help grow your clients and retain current clients. Sales vs. Service For most accountants, they focus more on the numbers than they do their clients. What that usually means is that they can provide high-quality service, but they are unable to book new customers to sell themselves to make more money and turn current and new clients into life long clients. The mentality of high competition in the accounting industry means that many firms may undersell themselves or not ...

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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose a Sim-Only Deal

A more flexible monthly cost: When choosing a phone to go with your sim, the prices of contracts are vastly limited in terms of choice. Say for example, you travel nationally a lot and so need a deal with a lot of data, you may find this deal but it might be paired with a phone that bumps the monthly cost up too high, having a sim-only deal will remove this problem as you are free to use whatever smartphone you need. Much, Much lower monthly prices: The most obvious benefit to choosing a sim-only deal would be the much lower prices a month. It is easier to buy a smartphone upfront elsewhere and then take out a sim-only contract for a lower price. This gives you access to deals with a much higher Call, Text and Data allowance for a lower cost by eliminating the cost of the smartphone from the total cost of the deal. Generally shorter contracts available: Because you don’t have to pay off your smartphone as well as pay for your usage, sim-only deals are easier to find as 12 month contracts as well as the usual 24 month contracts. This is a huge benefit ...

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Moving to Seattle? 3 Tips for Finding an Apartment as Population Grows by 1,000 Each Week

Recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Seattle has the ninth fastest-growing metro area in the U.S. This means the Seattle area gains approximately 1,100 residents per week, according to calculations from the American City Business Journal. In other words, real estate is a hot commodity in the Emerald City these days. Whether transplants are ex-Bay Area professionals seeking relief from soaring property prices or fresh-faced Midwesterners hoping to experience all that west coast life can offer, an influx of residents mean that the housing market is more competitive than ever. Keep reading for apartment-hunting tips that can help you nab the living space of your dreams (with enough natural daylight to counteract the gray, drizzly weather, of course). Research Your Future Neighborhood The Internet makes it possible to get a good feel for pricing and different neighborhoods without requiring you to actually hop on a plane. As Business Insider points out, you’ll want to focus on three categories: neighborhood personality, neighborhood price, and commute time. Dig deeper and check out recent news articles from each neighborhood as well as yearly crime statistics. If you’re torn between neighborhoods, come up with your own ranking system and crunch the ...

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How Borrowers Can Compare Terms and Make More Informed Choices for Credit Offers

Credit cards are one of the most prolific forms of lending that are available to borrowers. According to credit card statistics for January 2017 provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 5.3 million credit cards were originated during the month. This number represents a small fraction of the total number of credit cards that are originated each year. How Many Credit Card Offers Did You Receive Last Year? One reason why so many credit cards are issued is that most consumers are bombarded by multiple credit card offers throughout the year. Just because a consumer is sent a credit card offer doesn’t mean that they should accept it. Each credit card issuer will offer specific terms for the consumer to use the card, and consumers should only accept credit card offers that will provide them the best deal. Choosing the Credit Card that’s Best for You Since so many factors can affect whether or not a specific credit card offer is beneficial to the consumer, it can be difficult to choose between credit card offers from the various issuers. Sites like CreditSoup have tools that allow consumers to easily compare the terms offered by specific credit card issuers. Sites like these also offer ...

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