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Facing the Challenges of Crowdfunding

One of the greatest advances in online fundraising has had to do with crowdfunding. Many success stories of crowdfunding have left many fundraisers wondering about the possibility of raising lots of money within very short periods of time. The questions that most fundraisers that are considering crowdfunding include: What needs to be done for a successful crowdfunding? Or will my crowdfunding mission fail? The truth is that not all crowdfunding attempts succeed and neither do all of them fail. There is no one secret that one can use to succeed. It all depends on knowing when to do it and which approach to use. There are many crowdfunding challenges when using a fundraiser and the biggest one is convincing those who are giving the funds to do so. The cause could be great and genuine or the project creative enough, but if it is not presented or pitched in the right way, the fundraising campaign can fail to catch the attention of contributors. The following tips can help you make a successful pitch when crowdfunding to raise money. Narrow you goals Some of the goals that fundraisers place are too general to an extent that they present lots of ambiguity. ...

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Tackling Debt Like a Pro

When debt begins to rear its ugly head, it’s best to tackle that monster in a hurry. Once you begin to accumulate debt, it grows and grows at a hefty rate. Depending on your interest rate and terms, you could be racking up anywhere from 3 to more than 30 percent annual interest, which accumulates each month. As debt grows, so do the damages. An unwieldy amount of debt can severely damage your credit rating, making it hard for you to buy a car, buy a house, or get a business loan. If your debt-to-income ratio becomes too large, you may be in for even more financial turbulence. If your debt grows too large and you are unable to pay, creditors may decide to go into the collections process. Going into collections wreaks havoc on your credit report and can lead to your hard-earned wages being garnished or your assets being frozen. So now that you’re sufficiently scared of that ugly, evil monster – Debt – it’s time to figure out how you can conquer it while it’s still a hatchling. The good news is you’re not alone. On average, Americans carry the burden of more than $15,000 in credit ...

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How to Conduct a Successful Video Conference

Even people who work alone most of the time have to meet with other people on occasion. We meet in groups to accomplish things we can’t do on our own.  But what if people who need to meet work in different buildings, or even in different cities? Traveling to a meeting can be expensive. Even when people work in the same building, face-to-face meetings can be inconvenient. Perhaps it is difficult to schedule the conference room, or perhaps people need to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. With cloud computing it is possible for people to meet while sitting at their own desks and using their own computers or other devices. They can both speak with each other and share their screens. It used to be that doing so required expensive equipment and in-house IT expertise. Now you can hire companies like Blue Jeans to set up a video conference. They will provide all the necessary technical know-how and equipment. Online meetings are less expensive using the cloud than using traditional videoconferencing. Your company will still need to own microphones, speakers, high definition video cameras, and monitors. Your service provider owns and operates everything else.  If the participants work in ...

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What Career Options Does a Business Major Have?

College Education

If you have an interest in the world of business, you may be thinking of embarking on a bachelor of business course. The good news about this type of degree is that it can be used to access more or less any occupation but also enables those holding it to specialise in various areas of business. Whether your talents lie more in the financial arena, marketing or even setting up your own business, a business degree is a very valuable qualification to have. There are different ways to study for a bachelor of business, including attendance at a traditional college or more flexible study using an online provider. Whichever method of study you choose; a business degree opens up a wide choice of career opportunities for you. Careers in finance If you study for a general business degree this will usually cover several aspects of finance. It is a good foundation for a career in these fields; although you will need to study for further career specific qualifications. The good news is that a bachelor of business qualification will quite often get you a job in the world of finance. You can then study for further qualifications while you work; ...

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Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor

choosing and advisor for short and long term

If you choose to be a member of modern society, then personal finance will play a practical role throughout your entire life. This includes everything from life and auto insurance coverage to savings and retirement plans for all stages of life. A competent financial advisor can provide you with the necessary basis for establishing a financial plan that matches your individual goals and desires. Short Term Savings: Money for Now No matter the age, most clients should consult a personal financial advisor regarding the percentage of a portfolio that should be dedicated to short-term savings. This allocation should be matched with plans and goals that fit within a 1 to 3 year time period and includes home purchase, child’s wedding or small-business launch. Regardless of the goal, a personal financial advisor can provide the necessary guidance to establish a workable plan for achieving the savings goal. Long Term Investing: Money for the Golden Years Retirement is not something that will somehow magically take care of itself. Despite the benefits offered by many employers, retirement planning with the help of a professional advisor can be beneficial. Supplementing a 401(K) or a pension plan can help a client reach his or her ...

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