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What You Should Consider Before Getting Involved in the Restaurant Business

You’ve likely heard that opening your own restaurant can be one of the most stressful business ventures, but it also comes with a bevy of rewards and potential for wealth-increasing revenue. If you’re considering a foray into the world of eateries and bars, be sure to take the following into consideration. Restaurants Are Expensive to Start, Run Depending on location and products sold, starting your restaurant business and maintaining it can cost a fortune. Estimates vary based on a variety of aspects, but generally, restaurant startup costs can reach at least half a million dollars. You’re tasked with leasing a commercial space, sourcing ingredients from vendors, hiring staff, purchasing furniture, paying for any necessary renovations—the list goes on and on. Take restaurant insurance; you’ll need to make sure your guests, employees, and personal assets are protected and restaurant insurance coverage doesn’t come cheap. Consider the cost of securing an alcohol permit alone—according to brokerage service License Locators, the average liquor license costs anywhere from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With so many costs to consider, it’s important to understand how much you’ll realistically need before approaching investors. There are numerous expenditures that you likely haven’t considered; ...

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Professional Tips for Effective Money Management

The management of credit is one of the most important financial undertakings. It all begins with your credit card account, regardless of your limit. Unlike the federal government, most households cannot run a deficit indefinitely. The mere notion of being buried in debt is an anathema to most people. Fortunately, there are failsafe ways to help you make timely bill payments, and manage your credit card effectively. All the while, it is important to safeguard the integrity of your ID and your personal information. What steps can you follow to secure your standing with credit ratings agencies? For starters, credit card companies advise clients to ensure that they have the right cards for their spending needs. Frequent flyers are better suited to cards with Voyager Miles and similar programs. There are credit cards for students, low-income earners and highflyers. In fact, major banks and financial institutions recommend that clients shop around for the very best deals. You certainly don’t want to be paying a hefty annual fee to maintain your credit card account with American Express if you can’t afford to do so. Keep your payments light, by opting for zero annual fees and the lowest possible interest rate repayments. ...

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How to Prioritize in IT Spending for Large Enterprises

In today’s emerging global platform, a singular need for valid data analytics is taking a lead in the FMCG, CPG and Services sector. Every company today pledges to have their own setup of concrete IT investment projects to have a greater understanding of data harmonization and trade promotion analysis. Companies today need to have a more comprehensive understanding of intelligent robotic process automation and data analysis framework, for prospective growth markets. During this age of fund mobilization and cost cutting benefits, companies need to track resources for adequate data harmonization and implementation. This manifests in the changing trend of IT investments by FMCG and CPG companies which allot a bulk of their funds for sales optimization. While some big sharks in the business network are always hungry for data resources for maximum trade promotion, a few companies are still ignorant of the benefits of pumping funds into the IT sector. Realize Right IT Investment Goals Most companies face hurdles with excessive data storage. This poses a big problem in data management and retrieving useful information from it. The constant flow of data and the regular need to copy, restructure and delete it accordingly puts huge pressure on the management. Reducing ...

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How The 50/20/30 Rule Can Help You Budget Your Money

How to balance your budget

There’s one thing that many people have in common, regardless of age. That’s that, many of us want to learn to better budget our money. One of the big problems with this process is the amount of work that’s involved. I’ve seen some budget spreadsheet templates that have more than 20 fields for categorizing purchases. Let’s face it, categorizing each and every product is highly unrealistic, and can be discouraging. Nonetheless, there’s good news. Not all budgeting systems are quite so hard to follow through with. In fact, I recently came across the 50/20/30 rule, and it has made budgeting much easier for me. I believe that it can do the same for you. Here’s how it all works: The Basic Concept Behind The Rule The basic concept behind this rule is that for most, budgets can be simplified with 3 broad categories. In doing so, managing your money takes much less time. With the 50/20/30 rule, each number represents a percentage of your income to be used for each one of the three categories. Category 1: Base Expenses The first category is also the largest. Base expenses mean expenses with fixed costs. For example, your mortgage payment, car payment, ...

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Expand Your Portfolio and Invest in Forex with XTrade

Anybody knows that a diversified portfolio is the safest way to secure your assets, no matter what age you are. You need to be sure your investments are spread across a wide range of items such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, properties, and other tangible items. This is relevant no matter how much money you have: it doesn’t matter if your net worth is over $1 billion or an average couple hundred thousand dollars. Nowadays, there are other assets to consider besides the traditional investments that make up most people’s portfolios. One of those items is the currency market. For savvy traders, forex can be a great investment tool and a way to make money off of the capital they already have. If you don’t know what forex is, you should take the time to investigate this rapidly-growing industry. As access to the internet becomes more widespread and available across the globe, the number of forex traders is growing exponentially because traders are signing up to take advantage of what forex trading has to offer. Trading Forex With Regulated Brokers Like XTrade There are a number of different brokers to use when trading foreign currencies and it has become difficult ...

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