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The Common Courtesy of a Life Insurance Policy

If you’re over the age of 30 with no spouse or dependents, you may think you don’t need life insurance because you don’t have a family to depend on. However, many people fail to consider the family whose house they were raised in. These individuals were likely taught good manners, but seem to forget them where life insurance is involved. While a life insurance policy can help a breadwinner provide financial stability to those who need them most in the event of their death, it also ensures that your family members and estate are not unduly devastated during an already difficult time, which would be extremely insensitive of you. You can read about Suncorps life insurance product directly on their site & decide for yourself if it can be of benefit to you. For starters, if today was your last day, who would pay for your funeral? Even a basic ceremony can total well over $10,000, and if you lack the adequate life insurance to cover these expenses, some unwitting family member will be stuck with the unfortunate burden. It would be terribly impolite to die unexpectedly and leave your debts unsettled. It’s enough that you won’t be showing up ...

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Five Things You (Didn’t) Learn in College

College is a time for experimentation, a time where young people venture away from their parents and in the great yonder— an expansive space where activity in misapplied idealism is as commonplace as expose-like sexual experimentation.   If all of life were like college the world would be a pantomime of efficiency, a farce to discipline and fetal alcohol syndrome would be as common in the U.S as AIDS is in Swaziland. It is thusly a miss-remembrance to state that college is the best point of one’s life, like stating that Meet the Falkers is the high point of DeNiro’s career.  In fact, the best things learned throughout life aren’t learned during the go-go college years: they are learned in the years that come after.  What follows are five things you didn’t learn in college, but know now. 1)      All money is not beer money. As a college student, if you didn’t put 60% or more of your money towards drinking related endeavors (including the obligatory and regrettable late night food binges) you either a) where studying or working, and thus the white buffalo of your dorm, b) not getting laid, c) spending money on marijuana or other substances (acceptable alternative).  ...

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