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How to Survive an Unpaid Family Leave of Absence

How to survive unpaid leave

Will you survive an unpaid family leave of absence without accumulating debt and ruining your credit history? The United States does not provide paid leave. Health insurance plans have cost sharing components and do not cover every conceivable expense. You may have to cope with a deadly one-two punch: a sudden spike in outlays, combined with a loss of income. Increase your odds of emerging unscathed by researching relevant laws that sometimes provide monetary assistance and job protections, prepare your finances in advance, and make the appropriate adjustments when reality comes knocking at your door. This is a guest post by Kevin Haney. We hope your enjoy! Researching Family Leave of Absence Laws The first step in surviving an unpaid family leave of absence is researching whether any federal or state laws apply to your situation. Do not assume that the government will step in to lend a helping hand. This is a very dangerous because it is rarely true. A smattering of paid leave programs exists to help a minority. Unpaid job protections are available to a slightly wider segment. Paid Family Leave Laws There is no federal paid family leave law in the United States. Only three states ...

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Remortgaging: One of the Easiest Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

If you have been thinking that you could use a little extra money each month to make ends meet, to increase your level of savings or to enjoy other financial benefits, you may be wondering how you can increase your take home income. Getting a new job with a higher salary may be one option, but getting a new, higher paying job is never guaranteed. Another idea is to reduce your expenses rather than increase your income. If you are like most people, your largest monthly expense is your mortgage, and this means that you could reasonably see the largest gain by remortgaging your home. What is Remortgaging? Remortgaging is when you take out a new mortgage on a property you already own. This can either be to replace your existing mortgage, to get an improved rate for example, or to borrow money against your property. This can be a convenient way of raising money by increasing the percentage of your home’s value that you borrow against. How Remortgaging Could Save You Money For those who still have a long time left on their mortgage, it can be in your interest to look around for a new supplier. Interest rates ...

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7 Tips For Writing An Argument Essay

An Argument essay is specifically difficult sometimes, due to the various aspects involved in the writing of it. The essay asks the writer to evaluate the “Argument”, which is basically a sort of proposal. The key points or qualities that all the readers look for are the quality of the ideas, their arrangement in your essay, the relevance of your examples, and the grammatical quality as well as your grasp of English. Argument essay puts your ability to formulate a constructive and appropriate critique for a specific conclusion to test. There are various things, which plays a crucial role in determining a quality argument essay, which can appeal to the readers and make the audience side with your opinion. Seven of these various things are listed below: 1. Planning This is the first phase, and one of the most important phase of writing the essay. In this, the writer must construct the these, and choose three examples (flaws), while laying out the key points. It is important to clear the “road map” before starting the writing. Everything must be set in a specific layout, which will help you better convey your points. 2. Writing While it may not feel like ...

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How to Stretch Income and Ease Financial Pressure

People work in diverse fields, plying countless trades to keep the economy moving and bring home steady income. But as dissimilar as their circumstances may appear, a vast sampling of consumers share similar financial goals. For most, key priorities include saving money and extending financial resources, as far as possible. Just as people make money in various ways, their approaches to personal financial management are also unique. Some successful money managers, for instance, lean on coupons, discounts, and retail bargains to stretch their budgets. Others sacrifice some of the comforts of daily life, to grow savings for the future. Still others build sweat equity, taking-on jobs most people hire-out. Each strategy bears fruit, so there is no single best approach. In practice, most people committed to making the most of their financial resources do so with a multi-faceted line of attack. As distinct as your financial concerns may seem – you are not alone juggling the monetary demands of modern living. Use the following tips to find further savings and maximize returns – regardless of your income level. Debt Adds a Budget Burden For many consumers, money spent paying back personal debt represents a substantial share of each month’s budget. ...

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Living Large on a Budget: 4 Ways to Indulge Without Going Broke

We’ve all felt a budget crunch. When life throws you a curveball, it’s sometimes necessary to look at options to cut costs. There’s no need to worry, though. With some smart budgeting and a good knowledge of what is happening in your community, you can cut costs on your hobbies. Here are some suggestions to keep you started. Using the Public Library Libraries may not seem cool in the public’s imagination, but for fans of media, a library card is a passport to huge savings on entertainment. In addition to a lot of books by the latest authors, most modern libraries carry a range of DVD and CD products for your watching and listening enjoyment. Some libraries even have video games, for the hardcore gamer on a budget. And the best part is that as long as you don’t miss your due dates, checking out items from the library is free. Visit yours today and make the most of your tax dollars. Grow Plants for Food Image via Flickr by Jevgenijs Slihto Perhaps you’re more the outdoor type. If your idea of a great afternoon is crawling in the dirt, planting seeds, and pulling weeds, you should look into what you plant, with an ...

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