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How To Save Yourself from Surprise Medical Expenses

Did you know that exorbitant medical bills are one of the country’s leading causes of bankruptcy? It’s true! More and more people are declaring bankruptcy every year because they were hit with a medical emergency or an inflated bill. It’s so widespread that many rental applications allow you to specify that if you did declare bankruptcy within the last two years it was because of medical bills, not because you were bad with money. Now, obviously, not every surprise medical bill has or should result in bankruptcy. While it has lost a lot of its stigma, the declaration of bankruptcy is still and should always be a very last resort. Here are some of the steps that you can take to maintain your financial health instead of opting for the worst case scenario. Work With the Biller Here is something important: the doctor and the hospital want to get paid. Period. They don’t necessarily care about getting paid 100% immediately. Sure, that’s their best case scenario, but most of these professionals understand that not everybody can hand over a check for five figures at the drop of a hat. Be honest with the billing department about your ability to pay ...

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How Online Video Calls Can Improve Your Company’ s Customer Service (And Profits)

Video calls have an edge over other forms of communication: face to face contact. While email, calls, chats and texts are serviceable enough to provide you with a way to stay in touch with your customers, it’s not the same as seeing them or talking to them in person. That’s something video technologies are changing. By using video solutions at work, you can boost your company’s customer service experience and see winning results. Why use video? Humans are social beings. So when companies use stilted language to reach out to them, whether in campaigns or company calls, they immediately put up a block and reject the call. But when you do a video call, people can see who they’re talking to. That’s one way companies can hook consumer interest. It’s not as easy to dismiss someone they can see and hear as opposed to people putting the phone down or rejecting a call. Video communications puts a human face to the interaction, which can be effective in drawing customer interest and attention to your products or services. This can turn your customer service around and make buyers or shoppers more inclined to buy your products or give your services a ...

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Successfully Staying the Course: Insider Tips From Long-Term Investors

Today we have a guest post for you from Sharon. Enjoy! Investing in financial markets is always going to come with risks attached, and there are plenty of examples of investors who have gambled on making their fortune but come unstuck, although you will also find plenty of long-term investors who somehow managed to stay the course and grow their money successfully. Checking with MoneyMorning.com on Alibaba stock and others, on a regular basis, could be one of the keys of keeping on top of your investments. It could also help to adopt some of the rules and strategies that many successful investors have developed over time, so that you might also be able to stay the course with your own financial plays. Be wary of stock tips A number of us will at some point have been told by someone that they are buying into stock that is expected to soar and they are telling you about this “hot tip”, in case you want to follow them in and hit the jackpot. These sort of tips should be heeded with as much credence as being told about a four-legged “certainty” that is running at a race track. No doubt ...

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Clearing Space And Gaining Money By Selling Unwanted Valuables

When you’re working all you can work and couponing all you care to coupon, you may still find yourself in need of some extra cash. It might be a car repair or an upcoming birthday, or maybe just the desire to go out for a nice meal. Whatever your situation, you may have a hard time finding a simple way to generate some extra funds. One of the easiest things to do in this situation is to sell things through a targeted marketing method that will put your goods in front of the eyes most likely to buy them. The need to tailor your marketing methods means you need to look at the broad categories of goods you can easily sell, and many of these fall into four big areas. Consumer Electronics Nowhere is the technology treadmill more evident than in consumer electronics like tablets and cell phones. The only thing slowing it is the limited options for selling old devices. And many of these gadgets can save you money, making the upgrade even more worthwhile. Because people are rolling into new phones more quickly, their older phones are still in very good condition and have lots of useful life left. ItsWorthMore.com is ...

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Where Can You Get Competitive Auto Insurance Quotes?

The internet is filled with lots of options for insurance but when it is your turn to take the insurance for your auto vehicle then it is necessary that you don’t just make your decision on the basis of its popularity and appearance. It is necessary that you see the features and benefits of insurance before you actually give your preference to any specific insurance plan. In fact, it is quite possible for you to get best and most competitive auto insurance quotes along with the advantage of best features of insurance that will allow you to avail full benefit of insurance for your vehicle but this could happen only if you will search sufficiently for this. There is a requirement of logic and proper strategy in this kind of research and if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any advantage of insurance at all then you should necessarily make the selection of insurance company and insurance plan with proper analysis and consideration so that you can get best results of insurance according to your expectations. For example, if you live in Canada then before you actually Shop Insurance Canada for your auto vehicle, it is necessary ...

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