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Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.

Planning Ahead To Save Money On Kid Expenses

paying less for kid's expenses

While I don’t really believe reports that say raising a child costs $245,000, I think most people would agree that having children is expensive. Without a daughter, there would be no spending on dance lessons, organic milk, and pediatric dental visits. I won’t complain about those costs because we wanted a child. Whatever we spend on her is worth it a million times over. That doesn’t mean I want to spend more than necessary. One way we save money on kid expenses is by planning ahead. Buy Winter Clothes For Next Year Right Now One thing I’ve learned about buying kid clothes is not to buy right before the season you need them. It’s not that big of a deal for summer, but winter garb can be expensive if you live in a cold climate. Between snow pants, boots, gloves, hats, and coats, it’s easy to spend a few hundred dollars paying full price. Right now is the perfect time to buy winter gear for next year. We just found a pair of good quality snow boots at 60% off. There is a little bit of guessing about sizes, but if it’s too big, they will eventually grow into it. ...

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Five Ideas To Help College Students Make It In The Real World

Ways to help college students

If you pay attention to national US news at all, you’ve probably heard that President Obama wants to give everyone free community college. At first glance, this might sound like a great idea. The cost of higher education is beyond reach for many Americans, and anything that make it more accessible and affordable is good, right? My friend Holly wrote a great post about this very topic. She says it better than I can, but in reality, free only means an increase in costs or taxes somewhere else. If the President really wants to help America improve its education system and job prospects without sending students into poverty over student loans, I would suggest putting money into these five ideas to help college students make it in the real world. Career Counseling In the US, we are too afraid of calling a spade a spade. We all believe in the American dream where even the most disadvantaged person can go on to become a billionaire. Yes, that does happen, and no we should not discourage anyone from their dreams, but those type stories are few and far between. I have a friend whose daughter is a pre-med major. She is ...

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Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

save on car insurance

Unless you live in an area with excellent public transportation, having a vehicle is a necessity for most families. Since drivers aren’t able to control the cost of gas or always know when repairs might be necessary, it’s important to manage other vehicle related costs when possible. Luckily, there are several ways to save money on car insurance. Compare Rates Between Different Insurers Car insurance costs can vary tremendously between carriers. Using a service like Rates.ca allows buyers to compare multiple quotes from different insurance companies. It’s always a good idea to check prices at least once a year to make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to for car insurance. Search For Multiple Policy Discounts Most families with multiple vehicles know that insuring them with the same company saves money, but you might be able to save even more by combining a homeowner’s and auto insurance policy. It’s worthwhile to ask you current carrier if they give discounts for having multiple plans. Look For Other Potential Discounts Types of things that can translate into auto insurance discounts include Owning a home Having a good credit score Having continuous auto insurance Signing up for online statements and payments Being ...

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Enterprise Architecture Jobs: All About TOGAF Certification

careers in architecture

The Open Group Certified Architect program and Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a designation that was initially meant to validate individuals’ abilities as an IT professional, specifically in the practice of IT and enterprise architecture. This program still focuses on IT-related work, but it is constantly evolving as a profession and incorporates multiple disciplines that were not part of the original program. If you’re interested in this exciting, constantly evolving career, here’s what you need to know to get started in it.  What Is The Certified Architect Program? Open Group Certified Architect program is a certification program that focuses on IT skills as they relate to the corporate environment and enterprise architecture systems. It consists of several certification levels. The first level is concerned primarily with basic skills, including contributing as an architect. Level 2 is “master” level, and requires you to perform independently and take responsibility for the work you do. Level 3 is the “distinguished” level, and enables you to become a lead architect, enterprise architect, or IT architect. You are at the highest position or certification level with this type of certification. But, the certification doesn’t come easy. It requires significant education and training. So much ...

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41 Things To Do Before Turning 41

bucket list items

I had a serious post ready to go today, but since it’s my birthday, I decided to do something a little more fun. I honestly have a hard time saying that I’m 41 years old today. It sounds so old, but I feel awesome and I’m more excited about the future than ever. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to revisit the past. I came up with 41 things I think people should do before age 41. See the Grand Canyon Have a snowball fight Max out an IRA Go to Europe or the US if you already live in Europe Compete in an organized run or triathlon Foster a dog or cat Watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains Order a meal in a foreign language Give a sandwich to a homeless person Eat cake for dinner Pay off credit card balances forever Make homemade soup Binge watch a whole series on Netflix Go down an alpine slide See tropical fish in their natural habitat Go ice skating Earn more per year in interest and dividends than contributions Ride your bike to work Anonymously buy someone’s lunch Read a book to a child that you loved when you ...

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