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Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.

5 Jobs I Would Hate

competitive hot dog eater

This week we talked about the pros and cons of teaching. I don’t think I’d be a good teacher, but there probably could be a subject or group of students I’d connect with. I think I’m pretty good as an optometrist, and I am versatile enough to do a range of careers if the motivation was there, but here are 5 jobs I would hate. I’d rather work at 7/11 or drive a garbage truck than do one of these. Ebola Czar Ebola Czar would be a terrible job. For one, who thinks the government does a great job at anything health care related? I think they make people in charge of something so they will have someone to fire when things go wrong. Look what happened to Kathleen Sebelius, the lady who was in charge of healthcare.gov. Two, Ebolaczar sounds like an evil biblical character. Maybe he’s Goliath’s first cousin on his way to smite the Philistines. Regardless, it isn’t a title I’d want to have. Animal Control Officer I love animals, and you’d think I’d jump at the chance to work around them all day, but I happen to know our area animal control officer. Almost every time ...

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Housing Prices in Southwest Colorado

House on 3 acres for $290,000

  Since real estate is one of my favorite topics, I couldn’t miss the chance to add my two cents along with some other recent blog posts about how much house you can get for $150,000, $250,000, or $1 million. Make sure to check out these other areas if you missed them. Portland: Frugal Portland New York: Broke and Beautiful Life Denver: Shop My Closet Project Silicon Valley: Don’t Quit Your Day Job New Jersey: Red Debted Stepchild Central Indiana: Club Thrifty Aukland: NZ Muse Guatemala: Reach Financial Independence Colorado Housing Prices Southwest Colorado is a bargain in my opinion. That’s one reason why we live here. It’s rural, so if you’re looking for big city excitement, it’s no where to be found. You can, however, enjoy an outdoor paradise with mountain or desert terrain. Take your pick or do both on the same day if you’d like! With the money we save by living here, we can take a weekend road trip to the city when we feel the need. Denver, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City are all less than 8 hours away, and we can be in LA in 12 hours. Colorado is all over ...

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6 Steps To Complete Before Applying For A Loan

do these things before applying for a loan

While avoiding debt is important for building wealth, there are many instances when applying for a loan might be beneficial. When purchasing a house, car, or completing a home remodel, it is often advisable to finance rather than spend large amounts of cash that could be invested at a higher return or saved for emergencies. Whether you live in the United States, a European country, or Australia, many of the same rules apply and can help secure the best interest rates and loan terms. Here are 6 steps to complete before applying for a loan. 1)Check Your Credit Report Like it or not, loan interest rates and the ease of obtaining financing depend on having a good credit report and FICO score. Make sure there are no errors or credit issues that might send up a red flag to loan companies. You can get a free copy of your credit report at annualcreditreport.com 2)Pay Off Consumer Debts Paying off the balances on credit cards or revolving accounts will produce a better debt to income ratio. If banks or loan companies believe you are a low risk borrower, you’ll secure more favorable interest rates. Be careful not to cancel credit card ...

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Are you Setting a Bad Financial Example for Your Kids? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

making smart financial decisions for your children

    Most parents hope to impart a certain level of financial intelligence to their children. It is one of the most valuable life skills you can pass on to your kids. Telling them is one thing – but what are you showing them? What actions are you modelling? Ask yourself the 5 questions below to work out if you are setting a bad financial example for your kids. You can find more about how to pass on good money habits from organizations like Debt Rescue. Are You Competitive? On the face of it a little competition among peers is a good thing; it motivates you to try harder, be better, achieve your best; but how are you demonstrating your competitive streak to your children? Are you seeing if you can save more this month than last month, or this time last year? Or are you stuck on getting a car that drives your mates wild with envy? See the difference? Do You Have – And Do You Enforce – Financial Boundaries? Saying ‘Yes’ to everything is a habit most adults break out of necessity, but it’s easy to avoid passing this very important message on to your children. Teach ...

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How Much Do Teachers Really Make?

pros and cons of being a teacher

In the personal finance community, view points often lean toward toward self employment, multiple side hustles, and even early retirement. We often pity those who remain in a regular 9-5 job for several decades. “Regular jobs” are often a means to an end, and there is little sense of loyalty. Today, I’ll share a different view point. What if a person does want a steady job for the long haul that includes benefits, paid time off and the holy grail of retirement, a pension! There are few careers left that offer these terms, but I happen to be in the know about one of them. Teaching is a profession we usually think of as hard work with low pay, and I would have to agree, but  there are some upsides.Let’s look at how much teachers really make. Aren’t You An Optometrist? That’s right. I am not a teacher. I have no desire to be a teacher. I’d almost rather be trapped in a room full of spiders than small children, but I have been married to a teacher for the past 12 years. I was with him from his first job on, so I think that gives me insider knowledge that ...

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