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5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Have you taken a look around your home lately and decided it needed to be spruced up a bit? Every now and then both interior and exterior spaces can use some TLC to keep them looking their best. But along with the usual upkeep of cleaning, clearing away clutter, and painting, there are other ways to keep your home updated without spending a small fortune. Below are 5 cheap ways to make your home look expensive that could help. 1 Frames In addition to the usual picture frames there are several other places you can add frames around your home to give it a more luxurious look. For example, did you know you could frame that simple bathroom mirror to make it look like a large, expensive one? Or, add a frame to a wall mounted television to give it the allusion of wall art. You can even add small picture frames to your light switch plates to dress them up somewhat. While inexpensive, these touches add elegance and style without adding a lot to your budget. 2 Tile Kitchen and bathrooms are some of the more expensive areas to update in a home. To add a little pizzazz without ...

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How to Stop Your Home from Leaking Money

It is estimated that the average American household will spend approximately $2200 or thereabout on energy bills alone, year in year out. That’s a whopping $12000 in 5 years or roughly. This is a significant figure of money to flush down the drain, especially in a day and age when a majority are struggling with a severe cash crunch. Fortunately, they are various, practical and non-cliché ways you can cut back this figure. Forget everyday old-and-tired advice such as ‘remember to switch off the lights as you leave a room.’ The real gem is found in targeting and re-evaluating you heating expenditure. Follow these 5 tips to prevent your home from wasting money on heating costs. Continuously Improve Your Home’s Insulation A huge chunk of your annual energy bill, around 55%, is accumulated during the coldest months of the year. As we all know, this is the time when we are forced to leave our heaters on throughout the day and night in a bid to keep the biting cold away. However, this is only because our homes tend to lose as much warmth as soon as it is generated. Improving the thermal insulation of your home is the first ...

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5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Saving Money

5 Signs You're Obsessed with Saving Money

Lots of people these days are trying to be more frugal with their money. As a result, there are books and articles everywhere on the topic. Some are saving toward goals of vacations, retirement, or a college education for their children. Other people have made it their occupation and sole professional focus, like me. 😉 But how do you know when saving money becomes an obsession? Here are some signs that you’ve become OBSESSED with saving money. Spending Makes You Anxious If you have trouble buying a single piece of candy at the store or one extra item that isn’t on your grocery list once in a while, you may have an obsession with saving money. While it’s a great idea to track your spending, you probably don’t have to account for every single cent all of the time. If you are tracking every scent and having feelings of anxiousness or panic when you try to make a small, unplanned purchase every once in a while, you may have a deeper problem. Constantly Checking Your Budget When you constantly check your budget before spending any money at all, you might be going a bit overboard. Most budgets need a little ...

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4 Financial Benefits of Going “Off the Grid”

off the grid

Whenever I feel stressed in my life, I fantasize about what life would be like if I lived off the grid. Certainly there would be fewer demands on my time and a much lower stress level. When I occasionally watch a reality show about other people living off the grid I can see that there are at least four financial benefits of going off the grid as well. 1 Save on Home Costs When you are not tied to a specific place because you have no house or physical address, you gain flexibility. Living off the grid can give you the freedom to live wherever you choose. In fact, you might not be tied to a specific location at all. This means you could travel to and live in multiple locations throughout the year. You can enjoy living in New England in the fall, or try your hand at living in the mountains during the spring or summer. During the winter you might decide to try living in a warmer climate such as Florida or Arizona. Imagine all of the different places you might see and various foods and experiences you could try by living off the grid. In addition ...

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What You can do with a Psychology Degree

If you’re looking for a degree that will afford you more career opportunities, look no further than getting a psychology degree.  The truth is that there is no one answer to what you can do with a psychology degree.  Psych degrees allow you to work in virtually any field that requires a basic bachelor’s degree.  You can work in healthcare, teaching, the arts, and the list goes on and on.  Let your curiosity about human nature get the best of you by pursuing a psychology degree.  Below is a list of what you can do with your degree in psychology. Chartered Psychologist Becoming a chartered psychologist is one of the most prestigious of all distinguished positions as a psychologist.  This is also a typical career goal for psychology majors interested in working in the field. This is a very focused role that allows you to work with people of various backgrounds.  You will be certified to analyze thoughts, behaviors, and emotions so that you can ascertain whether or not the patient or client has a psychological issue that needs to be addressed.  Chartered psychologists can work in a variety of concentrations, including but not limited to athletics and mental health, ...

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