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Home Care or Professional Care?

As our parents and other relatives get older and begin to experience declining health, we struggle with how best to care for them. The two most common choices are to take them to an assisted living facility or to make plans to care for them in their home. The cost of these two choices is obviously very different. The expense associated with skilled care in either a nursing home or an assisted living home is a major barrier for many families who would prefer to have their loved one receive that level of care. Yet the home care option isn’t as cheap as it may first seem. There are a number of hidden costs that you may not think about with home care. Making sure you capture all these considerations is essential for making an accurate comparison of the two options. Staying at home is likely to still be less expensive, but you will still need to make provisions for certain expenditures. Home Modifications Part of the reason you may be investigating nursing homes is that their home may be unsafe for them, due to mobility or vision limitations. If you choose to make home modifications that permit them to ...

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4 Ways to Tell a Side Hustle from a Scam

Have you ever fallen for a side hustle scam? Here are few signs that the side hustle you've signed up for isn't actually legit and trying to scam you out of your money!

There are lots of reasons for people to take on a side hustle. They may have a large bill come up that was unexpected. Or, perhaps they simply made some bad financial choices. But if you need to take on an extra job to pay your bills it can be a bit depressing. You may get discouraged or feel like a total failure. As if that isn’t bad enough, you may end up getting scammed in the process if you aren’t careful. Fortunately there are a few ways to tell a side hustle from a scam. 1. Promises to Make Huge Sums of Money When a job sounds too good to be true it probably is. Trust your instincts. Many jobs that promise to make you huge sums of money right off the bat are scams. Some of these scams are not too hard to identify. But not all are as easy to spot. They could be advertised as ways to work from home and make lots of money. In truth, some work at home jobs are completely legit. But you must be able to discern the real ones from the fake ones. What sometimes happens is that you are ...

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Can the Government Destroy Bitcoin?

A form of digital currency, Bitcoin can be used in exchange for other currencies, products, and services. It is not printed and not handheld. Thus, unlike real cold cash, this digital currency works without a central bank or an administrator. In other words, it is not fully regulated by any law. The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has concerned a lot of experts. It’s an issue whether Bitcoin should be tolerated by the government or not. So the big question is, can the government destroy Bitcoin? China’s Ban on Digital Money Trade In September last year, China declared a deferral in the use of China-based digital money trade among all domestic trading in yuan. The decision was preempted right after a statement from regulatory authorities in China requiring domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to publish a closing announcement, to cease the registration of new users, and to create a schedule for abolishing the yuan-denominated trading. The said declaration, however, did not result in the banning of the use of cryptocurrency but the exchange of cryptocurrency. Indeed, it has provoked some to consider whether a legislature may boycott digital forms of money like bitcoin. More vitally, will such a boycott be powerful enough ...

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Do You Know What You Should Do? It is Your Life, Your Career, and Your Future: Master the Art of Investing for Retirement in Any Market.

How we live in our golden years ought to reside more on the golden side, without any inclination towards penniless living. The comfort with which we live in our post-employment years depends mainly on how we plan for retirement today. Retirement planning requires you to identify your income goals and to then work towards reaching them. Most of us craft our retirement income to grow from a well-planned investment portfolio. A balanced and diversified investment portfolio is considered the best course of action for retirement savings. This means a healthy combination, of among other things, stocks and bonds. Principally, the goal is to own shares in companies of varying sizes, from a myriad of areas and industries, with both growth and value shares. Bonds can and should also be diverse. For your portfolio, this means owning corporate, treasury and government agency bonds with a variety of maturities. Your financial planning must contain a degree of understanding on your part. If financial lingo is overwhelming, any financial advisor will happily walk through your portfolio with you.  However, an expert should never suggest that you do not attempt to educate yourself regarding your portfolio. The very real probability that your investments will ...

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4 Simple Ways To Save on Health Care

It seems that the cost of staying healthy goes up every year. Premiums increase, copays increase, and deductibles swell to unbearable levels. For anyone with a chronic condition, it can be incredibly stressful to stay on top of the medications, doctor visits, and other interventions needed to stay healthy while maintaining a good financial standing throughout life. For that reason, it’s very important to utilize any tool you can find to get these costs under control. You may not be able to anything about some of them, but you can do enough to be worth the effort. Find Cheaper Sources Of Meds Medication is very important to our health. Whether it’s prescribed for a short-term illness or a chronic condition, we must be able to pay for the medicines we need. The good news is that many products are generic, cutting costs right off the bat. But it doesn’t end there. You can also save a lot of money just by choosing a different place to buy your medications. Don’t assume they are all the same; they are not! There are a number of other sources of drugs that can get you the very same product at a much lower ...

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