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How Live Video Chat Helps Employee Relations

Most people have now felt the benefits of remote working from home at least some of the time and opening up their hiring options to work with colleagues and collaborators from throughout the world. Using the best group video chat from BlueJeans has been hugely responsible for this move, allowing cheap and easy communication that wasn’t economical before. One downside that people often point out is the lack of natural working relationships that are built in a regular workplace from meeting face to face every day. But working remotely doesn’t have to get rid of these working relationships altogether. You can still use conferencing software to build employee relations even from overseas. Here are just a few ways and their benefits.

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The Road to Becoming a CPA

In an unstable labor market, the accounting field can serve as a beacon of hope to those looking to find steady employment. If you’re interested in pursuing career success in this industry, consider your position aspirations. Whether you hope to provide accounting services to businesses or individuals, becoming a CPA can serve you well in your career. Follow these essential steps and you’ll be well on your way to a rewarding profession. Why Become a CPA? Before getting started, it’s important to examine the reasons becoming a CPA can serve you well. For one, as previously mentioned, it’s a stable career choice. Recent statistics have projected that employment growth for those in accounting and auditing should increase by 11 percent by 2024. Moreover, CPAs are indispensable in nearly every industry; companies and individuals will always require financial guidance. When it comes to compensation, there’s no denying that getting your certification is worth it; according to one survey, those with a CPA certification can expect to make 10 percent more than accountants without the designation. Better employment outlook, better pay, and more prestige—it’s easy to see why many accounting professionals pursue this designation. Consider Other Designations Are you sure the CPA ...

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Unique Office Appropriate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

We all get it — it’s hard to spread holiday cheer while stuck at a desk all day. But the season doesn’t have to be a drag at work; in fact, a few holiday gifts can do wonders for lifting the season’s spirits. And as the boss, it’s only fitting that you start the season off the right way with a few well-thought out gifts for your employees. We’ve given you a head start by compiling a gift guide that your employees are sure to enjoy. Hot Cocoa Gift Box Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate during the holiday season? It’s a season staple that even the most hard to shop for can appreciate. Not only will it help your employees relax after a long work day, it’s something they can enjoy with the whole family or save for themselves when they need a getaway from the desk. Take it up a notch by going gourmet with a deluxe set that comes complete with milk chocolate cocoa mix and peppermint cocoa mix, along with a set of s’mores candy sticks for stirring. Custom Socks You can’t go wrong with a pair of warm, cozy socks — especially when ...

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How To Become a Trusted Business

Trust is the cornerstone of all successful businesses. Demonstrating that you are trustworthy company is invaluable when differentiating yourself from competition and establishing a credible reputation. Building trust takes a lot of time and hard work, but there are plenty of things you can do to secure customers for life: Responsiveness Respond promptly to all clients and enquiries. So often clients are left feeling frustrated as they wait for salesmen and account managers to get back to them. Acknowledge receipt of emails and phone messages as soon as you receive them, even you if don’t have the answer immediately. Let them know you are dealing with the request and keep them in the loop. Transparency Keep clients up to date with action taken and next steps.  Always address any issues directly and don’t try to cover up errors. Explain what has happened, how you will handle it and the steps you will take to ensure the mistake won’t reoccur in the future.  If you treat your clients like intelligent, respected partners then your potential for repeat custom will skyrocket. Timeliness Delivering critical business items to clients quickly, safely and on time is essential to prove reliability. Delayed timelines, missed deadlines ...

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Stay On Top of Company Payroll

Your company payroll is most likely the most expensive expenditure your business runs into. Without quality workers, you are not able to thrive, but you also need to keep this cost point in check. You know what hours you need filled, so you do your best to make sure the shifts are covered. However, this doesn’t mean you are not going to run into potential problems along the line. By monitoring your payroll, not just on a bi-weekly or weekly basis but on a real time basis, you are able to avoid expensive problems. With the money you save, you can reinvest it back into the company and help grow the bottom line. Financial Problems without Real Time Payroll Monitoring There are a few different issues you may run into and not even realize it until too late. If you pay hourly employees, you schedule everyone so they receive the desired number of hours they want. You also probably make sure to keep these individuals from hitting the overtime mark. Paying employees time and a half is an expensive additive to your bottomline and, should this happen on a regular basis, can prove costly. While overtime on occasion isn’t avoidable, ...

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