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Fun Things You Get To Do After Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Debt Freedom

I know there are many readers out there who are struggling to pay off debt. I’m not necessarily talking about mortgages or well chosen student loans, although those can certainly become burdensome if you get in over your head. I’m talking about the big bad debt that comes with high interest payments or a deadline you have to meet before you get socked with even higher interest. We’ve seen our share of bad debt with credit cards, revolving finance plans, and car payments for new cars we didn’t need.  I like to think of this as evil debt because it robs you of choices and freedoms that you can never have unless you are debt free. I’m living proof that you can overcome those type debts, and when you do, there is so much fun to be had! Here are a few of my favorite fun things we’ve been able to do since paying off our evil debts. Use Credit Card Rewards for Free Travel Over the past year or so, I’ve learned so much about how to use various credit card bonuses to earn points and miles for buying things I needed to buy anyway. If you do it ...

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Even Granny Has a Credit Card


I was in line at the grocery store the other day. As usual, I was running behind schedule and tried to pick the shortest line with the most efficient looking cashier. The line I chose had a great cashier, but it all ground to a halt when the most dreaded sight to a rushed shopper appeared. Someone pulled out a checkbook. My first thought when that happens is why don’t you get a credit card? Even Granny has a credit card, right? Who Doesn’t Have a Credit Card? Honestly, who on earth doesn’t have a credit card? The only demographic I can think of really are elderly people. While it may seem like they are behind the times, maybe they are the smart ones when it comes to paying off debt. I honestly love to have older people come into my optometry practice. They generally pick out what they know works for them and write a check for the full balance, while I often see younger people having to jostle around different credit cards to find a combination that isn’t maxed out to pay off their bills. I found this article on Time’s website about how many young adults will ...

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Do I Have What It Takes To Be a Big Time Credit Card Churner?

Vacations are my absolute favorite way to spend my money. If I had to choose between fabulous clothes every season, a new car, or a vacation every year, I’d pick the vacation hands down. Vacations are even better when you can get them for free or almost free. After getting most of our summer vacation paid for by credit card rewards, I’m pretty opposed to spending money from my own pocket if I can continue to get travel for free, but man, sometimes it takes work to be a big time credit card churner. I’m not sure if I have what it takes. Chase Ink Business Card I recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold charge card for Eyes on the Dollar. This card is for businesses, and I thought I would see if my humble blog could qualify for it’s own card. I refuse to lie and make up a business, although I know lots of people probably do this to get specific reward cards. I’m not entirely sure that the credit card companies mind, but  I am a by the rules girl, so I can’t lie. I did get approved, probably more because of my credit score than ...

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Common Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid

Hey everyone, I’m Joshua Rodriguez and, tank you for coming to read my debut post here at Eyes On The Dollar. I’ve had quite a bit of experience helping consumers with credit card debt so, I figured, I would share some of the fruits of that experience today. Although, I’ve come to learn that everyone is very unique on a financial level. But, I’ve also noticed quite a pattern through many of them. The pattern was, financial hardships were being caused by simple and avoidable mistakes made when using credit cards. So, today, I’m going to tell you a bit about the most common credit card mistakes that you should be sure to avoid. Mistake #1: Using Credit Cards For Cash Advances  One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen a trend forming around is the use of credit cards for cash advances. Unfortunately, most of the people that did this didn’t realize that cash advance balances were charged a much higher interest rate. Another thing most of them didn’t know is that, as they payed minimum payments, those payments were being allocated to the balances at the lowest interest rate. So, the balances at the highest interest rate would ...

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My New Obsession, Credit Card Rewards

For almost two years, one of my obsessions was paying off consumer and student loan debt. While that goal seemed practically impossible back then, once we got rolling, it was like an avalanche after a three foot snow storm. Nothing was getting in the way of paying off those debts. While I never tracked anything while we were racking up the bills, I was obsessed with tracking the payoff balance and finding new ways to come up with more money to get out of debt. Now that the last of our student loans were paid off in April, I have nothing left to track. You’d think I would channel that energy into something like studying a new language or leaning how to use code on this blog, but nope, I’ve found a new obsession: credit card reward points and bonus offers. This isn’t a totally new area for me. My business has always had at least one credit card for some of our lab vendors who require one. By default, I earned points every year, which I usually traded for cash back or gift cards. I’ve tended not to apply for new credit cards in the past. For our personal ...

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