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Use Federal Student Loan Consolidation Lighten Up Your Load!


“Education is the Key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” – George Washington Carver This statement is true until it is time to repay student loans. We are all too excited to get our student loans so that we can be further educated, the excitement to learn is good. However, we never once thought that “Hey, this may very likely become a debt to repay for almost the rest of my life!” Repaying a loan is not as easy as obtaining it. Some of us need to start repaying our loans even before we start on our first jobs, it gets increasingly worrying. Where do we even get the money to start paying the loan off? There is a way we can work around it — refinancing and consolidating our loans. Refinancing your student loan actually really means to borrow funds to pay off your existing loans. It may sound peculiar if you are hearing this for the first time because it sounds like going back to square one. The catch is this: borrow the fund with lower interest rates — it lowers the total repayment amount at the end of the day. This works because the bulk of ...

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What Career Options Does a Business Major Have?

College Education

If you have an interest in the world of business, you may be thinking of embarking on a bachelor of business course. The good news about this type of degree is that it can be used to access more or less any occupation but also enables those holding it to specialise in various areas of business. Whether your talents lie more in the financial arena, marketing or even setting up your own business, a business degree is a very valuable qualification to have. There are different ways to study for a bachelor of business, including attendance at a traditional college or more flexible study using an online provider such as Up Skilled. Whichever method of study you choose; a business degree opens up a wide choice of career opportunities for you. Careers in finance If you study for a general business degree this will usually cover several aspects of finance. It is a good foundation for a career in these fields; although you will need to study for further career specific qualifications. The good news is that a bachelor of business qualification will quite often get you a job in the world of finance. You can then study for further ...

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Strategies For Time Management

delegating to make better use of time

    One issue I struggle with continuously is time management. No matter how much I wish otherwise, there is absolutely no way to add more hours to a day, so every night I make a mental list of all the things I need to finish the next day. Some days, the stars align and I do get everything accomplished. Other days, I am easily distracted and end up wasting time instead of using it to it’s fullest. I don’t know that it’s possible or even desirable to never waste a moment, but here are some strategies that help with time management. Get The Worst Thing Done First Just like my daughter would eat dessert first and shove the vegetables under the rug, I have a tendency to spend too much time on tasks I enjoy while putting the yucky ones off. This is true for blogging, being at work in the office, or having to do chores around the house. How many bloggers out there find themselves reading their favorite websites or checking Pinterest when we should be working on next weeks’ posts? If I make it a point to get my least favorite job out of the way ...

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Five Ideas To Help College Students Make It In The Real World

Ways to help college students

If you pay attention to national US news at all, you’ve probably heard that President Obama wants to give everyone free community college. At first glance, this might sound like a great idea. The cost of higher education is beyond reach for many Americans, and anything that make it more accessible and affordable is good, right? My friend Holly wrote a great post about this very topic. She says it better than I can, but in reality, free only means an increase in costs or taxes somewhere else. If the President really wants to help America improve its education system and job prospects without sending students into poverty over student loans, I would suggest putting money into these five ideas to help college students make it in the real world. Career Counseling In the US, we are too afraid of calling a spade a spade. We all believe in the American dream where even the most disadvantaged person can go on to become a billionaire. Yes, that does happen, and no we should not discourage anyone from their dreams, but those type stories are few and far between. I have a friend whose daughter is a pre-med major. She is ...

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The Lessons My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money

Money lessons parents don't teach

    Today’s post is from Glen at How To Save Money and Monster Piggy Bank. Enjoy! I was fortunate when it came to having parents who taught me about finance and money management, although they only taught me what they knew. Looking back I can say that my parents had it mostly correct, but there are some things which I think they missed, things that I think are important and that I will be teaching my son as he grows up. Budgeting For someone who just said he was fortunate and that his parents taught him heaps about finance and money, you will be surprised to learn that my parents never taught me to budget – at least not in the traditional sense. My parents didn’t sit down each month or year and decide that this is how they were going to allocate their money, and if they did, they never showed me any of it. Instead we were taught to set financial goals and to save up for things that we wanted. This approach makes sense to me, but I think it is important to take children through the process of setting a formal budget. Even if the ...

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