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How to Make Room in Your Budget for Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs have been a hot topic for the last several years. Part of the reason for that, of course, is due to the ever increasing costs which have risen sharply during the same period. Obama’s healthcare reform has appeared to make the situation at least as bad if not worse than it was before. But unfortunately, we Americans are in the same boat: Stuck with the problem of how to make room in your budget for healthcare costs. Re-examine Your Budget One thing you may have to do in order to enable you to cover healthcare costs is slash some line items in your budget. According a recent survey by Coupon Dash, some US families are giving up expenses that may be considered extras by some people. Meals out, gadgets, and vacations are just a few of the hard hit areas taking a cut in personal budgets so people can better afford to pay their healthcare costs. Some of these budget cuts may be justified. For instance, getting healthy or staying healthy may be more important than eating out a couple of times a week. Instead, it’s possible you may have to limit that activity to only once or ...

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How To Save Yourself from Surprise Medical Expenses

Did you know that exorbitant medical bills are one of the country’s leading causes of bankruptcy? It’s true! More and more people are declaring bankruptcy every year because they were hit with a medical emergency or an inflated bill. It’s so widespread that many rental applications allow you to specify that if you did declare bankruptcy within the last two years it was because of medical bills, not because you were bad with money. Now, obviously, not every surprise medical bill has or should result in bankruptcy. While it has lost a lot of its stigma, the declaration of bankruptcy is still and should always be a very last resort. Here are some of the steps that you can take to maintain your financial health instead of opting for the worst case scenario. Work With the Biller Here is something important: the doctor and the hospital want to get paid. Period. They don’t necessarily care about getting paid 100% immediately. Sure, that’s their best case scenario, but most of these professionals understand that not everybody can hand over a check for five figures at the drop of a hat. Be honest with the billing department about your ability to pay ...

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The High Costs of Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

Have you ever given up sleep so you could see the end of your favorite television show or finish a project for school or work? Maybe you’ve given up sleep in the name of making more money with your side hustle. If so, you are not alone. I’ve done that too. In fact, one of my favorite sayings use to be “I can sleep when I’m dead.” I’ve stayed up late for each of those reasons at different times. But the truth is, if you have missed out on sleep, it doesn’t really matter the reason because the effect is still the same. Lack of sleep can have negative impacts on your life if you make a habit of it. It can affect many things that will in turn effect your finances with a domino effect. Here are some of the high costs of sleep deprivation. Feeling Sluggish Ok, this one is kind of obvious. You will find yourself yawning and having trouble with concentration due to a lack of sleep. But did you know it can also inhibit your decision making? This can be dangerous when you are driving and it increases the possibility of you being involved in an ...

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Eating Healthy Wherever You Go

If you made a resolution to eat healthier, the first place you make changes is likely to be your kitchen. You might’ve spent hours throwing out processed foods and products containing trans fatty acids and replacing them with healthier options in your kitchen cabinet. You may have stocked your fridge with a bouquet of fresh fruits and vegetables available whenever you feel hunger pangs. In this situation, it’s relatively easy to stick to your diet routine and avoid temptation. The real test, however, comes when you leave your home and travel someplace else. In unfamiliar territory, it may be challenging but not impossible to adhere to your healthy diet. Be Prepared The key to eating healthy when you travel is to do research ahead of time and to look for natural stores and healthy restaurants. It’s never been easier to eat out and stick to your diet because you can do a simple Google search on your handheld device and find an organic grocery store or a vegetarian café close to where you are. Just as you plan your itinerary and sightseeing schedule, you can also make time for shopping in natural supermarkets and stock up on healthy staples. Make ...

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Apple’s CareKit might make healthcare more accessible and cheaper

The newest innovation in healthcare may come from an unlikely source: the Apple Store. Apple’s CareKit is poised to bring the disruptive potential of mobile computing to your GP’s office. CareKit is an open source platform that supports the creation of personal healthcare apps. CareKit leverages the success of ResearchKit, which connects patients with medical research, helping researchers collect real-time data on symptoms and treatment efficacy. ResearchKit isn’t even a year old, but it’s already had an impact. Apple announced on October 15th, six months into the platform’s launch, that 100,000 users were using the platform to participate in clinical trials. CareKit builds on this success by creating new tools for doctor-patient communication. CareKit features four modules. “Care Card” helps patients track medication and completion of tasks such as physical therapy exercises. The “Symptoms and Measurement Tracker” lets users record symptoms and capture other data such as photographs of wounds or rashes, temperature, or data related to sleep. The “Insight Dashboard” compares symptom progression to the Care Card to track treatment efficacy. Finally, the “Connect” module will allow for doctor-patient communication including data transmission. The biggest impact of CareKit will be in the areas of accessibility and affordability. Accessibility is ...

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