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The Essentials to Understand in Online Forex Trading

Online currency trading, also known as online forex trading, has seen tons of growth in the last few years as individuals are becoming savvy and learning to make money. No matter whether you are an expert forex trader or a novice that is just getting started, there are some key pieces of information that you must always keep in mind in order to trade successfully. Pick The Best Trading Platform One of the ways to get an advantage in online forex trading is by using the best platform available. There are tons of online trading platforms available to traders, but not all are created equal. As a savvy trader, you need to find the platform that gives you the most flexibility: a platform that allows you to move your money as you see fit, with no excessive fees. One of the most popular platforms is XTrade. This platform offers advantages over others because they offer multi-language support and payment in a variety of different currencies. To find out more about trading with XTrade, check out their website here. You want to be sure to do some research on potential platforms before making your decision. A safe platform that provides lots ...

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Successfully Staying the Course: Insider Tips From Long-Term Investors

Today we have a guest post for you from Sharon. Enjoy! Investing in financial markets is always going to come with risks attached, and there are plenty of examples of investors who have gambled on making their fortune but come unstuck, although you will also find plenty of long-term investors who somehow managed to stay the course and grow their money successfully. Checking with MoneyMorning.com on Alibaba stock and others, on a regular basis, could be one of the keys of keeping on top of your investments. It could also help to adopt some of the rules and strategies that many successful investors have developed over time, so that you might also be able to stay the course with your own financial plays. Be wary of stock tips A number of us will at some point have been told by someone that they are buying into stock that is expected to soar and they are telling you about this “hot tip”, in case you want to follow them in and hit the jackpot. These sort of tips should be heeded with as much credence as being told about a four-legged “certainty” that is running at a race track. No doubt ...

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Finding the “Sweet Spot” Between Risk and Comfort When Investing


Any investment involves risk – that is, essentially, what investors are paid for. As it can’t be avoided, the art of successful investment lies in how you manage it. Take too many risks and you will lose all your money. Take too few and you won’t make very much. In the middle is the sweet spot. There’s no simple formula for how to reach it because the nature of the risks involved varies by sector and the appropriate level of risk will depend on your personal circumstances, but it is possible to work out what’s right for you over time. In the interim, there are rational ways that you can increase your chances of getting it right most of the time. The importance of a balanced portfolio As you engage with the world of investment, you’ll hear a lot about the importance of having a balanced portfolio. Basically, this means mixing high-risk and low-risk assets so that you have a good measure of security but also the opportunity to turn a healthy profit. Often, it also involves spreading assets across multiple sectors or multiple countries in order to reduce the risk associated with economic problems. It’s easier to balance a ...

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A Compressed History of USD Against Gold in the Last 10 Years

The United States Dollar (USD) and gold have been in a close relationship for more than 200 years. The first 100+ years of that relationship was harmonious because the gold standard was in operation and the value of a unit of the dollar was related to a specific amount of gold. In fact, the greenback up until 1933 had the words “Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand” (gold) and some new notes even had the clause up until 1963. From much of 1900 to 1971, people could technically approach a bank in the U.S. to convert their dollars into gold. However, starting from 1971, the USD and gold started a contrastive relationship after the harmonious relationship ended with dissolution of the gold standard. The USD became a fiat currency that was not backed by a physical commodity. More so, its value could be based on the laws of supply and demand. Gold was also forced to adopt floating exchange rates because the fluctuations in the value of the USD often cause the trading price of gold to fluctuate. An inverse relationship begins between gold and USD The USD and gold now operates an inverse relationship in which gains in ...

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How to Trade Crude Oil Like an Expert

Energy commodities trading is a high-stakes game which undergoes constant change. This is especially true for crude oil, the market for which is turbulent and volatile. But don’t be put off by this. The energy sector has become increasingly volatile over the past few years and crude oil trading has benefited from these strong trends. Crude oil is one of the most traded commodities. It has a significant standing in the global economic systems. No other commodity plays such a large role in international politics and economic decisions. Crude oil trading offers an excellent opportunity for profit and also high liquidity. Studying and reacting quickly to the strong ups and downs in the crude oil market can produce consistent returns if you use wise timing in your long-term trading strategy or you can take advantage of swing trades if your focus is more short term. It is not hard to produce consistent returns from these turbulent energy commodities markets once you learn how to trade crude oil and maximize your profit. A major part of any trading strategy will involve reacting to market fluctuations and learning about different pitfalls. Understand the Factors Influencing Crude Oil Prices Like any other commodity, ...

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