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Is Your Forex Broker A Scam?

If you are starting out in online trading, finding the right Forex broker can be challenging. Of course, you want to be sure that you are choosing a reputable and reliable broker, however if you carry out an internet search, you will no doubt be shocked to discover a surprisingly large amount of Forex broker scams. Although the Forex industry is being subject to increasing amounts of regulation, there are still a number of scam Forex brokers who should not be trusted. Luckily, over time, they tend to get discovered and removed, however when participating in Forex trading, it is essential to find out which brokers are considered to be trustworthy and which are not. To determine which ones you can rely on to execute your trades responsibly, you need to make sure that you have taken all of the necessary steps to check the reliability of your broker before you deposit any funds. One way to do this is to check sites that have reviews about Forex brokers compared in-depth, as this will enable you to find the opinions of experts and other clients. Separating Fact from Fiction It is important when looking at reviews, articles and posts on ...

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Bcapital: The Tools To Be An Expert Trader

Trading at a professional level requires adopting a set of disciplines and tools. The most successful hedge fund managers and retail traders didn’t achieve such fame and fortune just through innate talent. Instead, they’ve used the tools listed below to consistently extract profits from the foreign exchange market. Trading Platform The trading platform is where every transaction takes place, whether it’s a short sell of the Euro versus Dollar or a long of the Dollar versus Yen pair. Regardless of the strategy you are looking to execute, the functionality afforded by your trading platform will play a huge role towards your year-end bottomline. A good trading platform, such as the one provided by Bcapital, is loaded with a robust set of features including technical indicators and real-time price quotes you can use to derive high-probability trade setups. Economic Calendar The economic calendar lists all if not most of the global market events that could potentially move currencies. This ranges from central bank interest rate fluctuations to geopolitical changes, such as the recent Brexit. All of these market events have a degree of influence towards price action hence keeping track of them can benefit your trade entry and exit points. Brokerage ...

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Expand Your Portfolio and Invest in Forex with XTrade

Anybody knows that a diversified portfolio is the safest way to secure your assets, no matter what age you are. You need to be sure your investments are spread across a wide range of items such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, properties, and other tangible items. This is relevant no matter how much money you have: it doesn’t matter if your net worth is over $1 billion or an average couple hundred thousand dollars. Nowadays, there are other assets to consider besides the traditional investments that make up most people’s portfolios. One of those items is the currency market. For savvy traders, forex can be a great investment tool and a way to make money off of the capital they already have. If you don’t know what forex is, you should take the time to investigate this rapidly-growing industry. As access to the internet becomes more widespread and available across the globe, the number of forex traders is growing exponentially because traders are signing up to take advantage of what forex trading has to offer. Trading Forex With Regulated Brokers Like XTrade There are a number of different brokers to use when trading foreign currencies and it has become difficult ...

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The Essentials to Understand in Online Forex Trading

Online currency trading, also known as online forex trading, has seen tons of growth in the last few years as individuals are becoming savvy and learning to make money. No matter whether you are an expert forex trader or a novice that is just getting started, there are some key pieces of information that you must always keep in mind in order to trade successfully. Pick The Best Trading Platform One of the ways to get an advantage in online forex trading is by using the best platform available. There are tons of online trading platforms available to traders, but not all are created equal. As a savvy trader, you need to find the platform that gives you the most flexibility: a platform that allows you to move your money as you see fit, with no excessive fees. One of the most popular platforms is XTrade. This platform offers advantages over others because they offer multi-language support and payment in a variety of different currencies. To find out more about trading with XTrade, check out their website here. You want to be sure to do some research on potential platforms before making your decision. A safe platform that provides lots ...

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Successfully Staying the Course: Insider Tips From Long-Term Investors

Today we have a guest post for you from Sharon. Enjoy! Investing in financial markets is always going to come with risks attached, and there are plenty of examples of investors who have gambled on making their fortune but come unstuck, although you will also find plenty of long-term investors who somehow managed to stay the course and grow their money successfully. Checking with MoneyMorning.com on Alibaba stock and others, on a regular basis, could be one of the keys of keeping on top of your investments. It could also help to adopt some of the rules and strategies that many successful investors have developed over time, so that you might also be able to stay the course with your own financial plays. Be wary of stock tips A number of us will at some point have been told by someone that they are buying into stock that is expected to soar and they are telling you about this “hot tip”, in case you want to follow them in and hit the jackpot. These sort of tips should be heeded with as much credence as being told about a four-legged “certainty” that is running at a race track. No doubt ...

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