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If You’re Gonna Talk the Talk……..

achieving financial goals

  We’ve all heard the expression, “Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk”, meaning that sometimes people talk a really good game but often don’t follow through with any action It’s very easy to say what sounds the best, but the hard part comes when an actual decision has to be made to achieve results, especially if you haven’t been honest with yourself before starting the talk. Tiny House Oxymoron One of my favorite things to do when we stay in hotels is watch HGTV, the only real thing I miss since cutting the cord. As it turns out on a recent weekend trip, they were doing back to back episodes of Tiny House Builders, a show where people trade in traditional housing to live in super small, portable, tiny houses. The couple in one of the episodes wanted to build a tiny house as a way to inflict less of a footprint on the world and to minimize the need for consumerism in their lives. Noble causes indeed, until they ran into some snags. Many tiny homes are made with pine or cedar shingles because of their light weight, but the couple on HGTV chose to go with reclaimed ...

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The Importance of Finishing Strong

finishing the race

Lots of people think getting started is the hardest part of any challenge, and I won’t disagree. Deciding to change, improve, or even cut back can all be difficult projects to initiate. Toxic or healthy, everyone enjoys having a comfort zone, and it’s hard to start any sort of project that throws off the routine. That being said, sometimes finishing strong is as important as getting started. Girls on the Run My daughter and I are doing Girls on the Run this fall. If you aren’t familiar, this program is for elementary school aged girls and offers group sessions about self esteem, determining and sticking to values, and ultimately, like Oprah says, being the best self you can be. After a girl power session, participants choose a daily distance goal and go running. The ultimate end goal is for all runners to complete a 5K  in November. My job is to be a running buddy, meaning I run along with the girls and pass down as much encouragement as possible. There are all kinds of girls in the program. Some are natural runners and others struggle. Regardless, all of them start practice in a mad dash like their tail feathers ...

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Things I Want to Do Before Turning 45

Hiking near Telluride

Unless I get hit by a bus, I plan on living until at least age 90. In fact, most of the life expectancy calculators I’ve tried suggest that I might even live longer! It’s never fun to think about getting older, but at age 41, as I approach the second act of my life, there are a few things I want to do before turning 45. Visit Another Continent As much as we’ve traveled over the past couple of years, I’ve only seen North America and Europe. There are some places on Earth that I could care less about seeing, the Middle East and most of Africa come to mind, but there are also lots of others that I’d love to visit. At the top of the list are Australia and Asia. The further you go, the more money it takes to get there, but I am actively banking points and miles so we can travel inexpensively. Since we took a huge trip this year, we’re sticking to the US next summer and taking the train across the country. That trip is now mostly booked, and I’m concentrating on making another epic trip in 2017 where we can knock off ...

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Friday Free Stuff

free summer activities

  Who doesn’t love free stuff? Whenever we are going out of town, I always Google “free stuff in ……..” You’d be surprised at how many things pop up. Of course, free is not always better. I wouldn’t go out of my way to stand in line for something just because it’s free, but it’s always nice to score a good deal. Here is a small sampling of free food and fun you might want to take advantage of this summer. Activities Bowling– Register your child at kidsbowlfree.com for two free games of bowling on multiple days. Movies– Buy one movie ticket with a Visa Signature card and get one free every Friday until 8/21/2015 National Parks– Free admission on August 18th, 19th, and 25th Zoos– Free admission for Dad at select zoos on Father’s Day Museums-Many museums have free admission every day, but you also get free admission to select museums on July 4th and 5th as a Bank of America credit or debit card holder. Movie Rental-Free Redbox movie rental with confirmed email address. Food Free spaghetti or lasagna for Dad on Father’s Day at Spaghetti Warehouse Free chips and salsa for joining Qdoba’s reward program. Free hamburger ...

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Why Hiring Help Might Ruin Us Forever

hiring lawn help

We have had an interesting May and early June in Southwest Colorado. With very little spring snow, there was real worry about drought conditions. Without snow, you can almost stump a toe and start a forest fire later in the summer. Some of our anxiety was relieved when we got an unheard of 6+ inches of rain last month with more in the forecast. We will never complain about too much water, but it did present some unusual challenges that could have used some outside help, but I’m afraid hiring help might ruin us forever. Grass Grows Really Fast When It’s Watered Our property is a little over three acres. I wouldn’t have the same house if we were to do it all again, but hindsight is 20/20. We have some grass around our house, but the majority of the land is undeveloped and not irrigated. When spring rolls around, prairie grasses, more commonly known as weeds, grow on the non-yard portion of our property. Jim mows it a couple of times, but unless we get lots of rain, it doesn’t grow that much and usually turns brown by fall. Our riding mower works fine for taking care of it. ...

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