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Clearing Space And Gaining Money By Selling Unwanted Valuables

When you’re working all you can work and couponing all you care to coupon, you may still find yourself in need of some extra cash. It might be a car repair or an upcoming birthday, or maybe just the desire to go out for a nice meal. Whatever your situation, you may have a hard time finding a simple way to generate some extra funds. One of the easiest things to do in this situation is to sell things through a targeted marketing method that will put your goods in front of the eyes most likely to buy them. The need to tailor your marketing methods means you need to look at the broad categories of goods you can easily sell, and many of these fall into four big areas. Consumer Electronics Nowhere is the technology treadmill more evident than in consumer electronics like tablets and cell phones. The only thing slowing it is the limited options for selling old devices. And many of these gadgets can save you money, making the upgrade even more worthwhile. Because people are rolling into new phones more quickly, their older phones are still in very good condition and have lots of useful life left. ItsWorthMore.com is ...

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Making Money Thanks to the Fallen Pound

Today we have a guest post for those of you across the pond. Enjoy! For those of you who haven’t been watching the news recently, it has been just over a month since Britain voted to leave the EU, and whilst their market indexes may have hailed a recovery, the Pound Sterling has certainly not. Leading spread betting company IG and major news outlets from around the world have attributed this to a sense of high anxiety about the future of Britain, but regardless of the triggers behind it, it is a great opportunity for everyone else to generate some nice income on the side. A month ago, the dollar to pound exchange rate was around 1.49 and now it is languishing at 1.31, meaning for every $1000 exchanged – there is an additional £90 we gain! While some of you may have already spotted the potential here, we thought we’d offer a few of our own ideas to help you get started on benefitting from the fallen pound. Holidays While England’s currency may have lost some of its’ allure, its’ tourist attractions certainly haven’t. Combining their Summer sales with the cheaper exchange rate means that you can grab yourself ...

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How to Make “Mailbox Money”

ways to make mailbox money

We all know that making money is one of the keys to financial success. While there are tons of ways to earn income, I think my favorite way is through “mailbox money.” One of my favorite things about being an optometrist is learning oddball things from my patients, and this term came onto my radar a few weeks ago from one of my more colorful clients who had recently retired after selling his business. As he is only in his mid 50’s, I asked if he had another career on the horizon when he told me that he as pretty content to collect his mailbox money from various rental properties acquired over the years.  Sounds like a great plan if you ask me! Mailbox money is income that arrives either in your physical or virtual mailbox, in a somewhat fixed frequency with a minimum of management, basically the definition of passive income. Passive income is the holy grail for those of us seeking financial independence and/or early retirement. Since few have access to royalties or trust funds set up by someone else in our names, that means earning our own mailbox money. Luckily, there are several ways to cash in. ...

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6 Side Hustles That Can Help You Pay Off Debt

How to side hustle to pay off debt

Many people are in some type of debt. Whether it’s student loan or credit card debt, people are feeling its burden. It doesn’t have to be forever, though. Many people are taking charge of their situations and are paying off that debt with different side hustles. Today I want to share with you 6 side hustles that can help you pay off debt. eBay The 1st side hustle that can help you pay off your debt is to sell items on eBay.  I’ve been selling on eBay for a few years now. People will buy almost anything. Anyone can sell on eBay. It’s free to setup an account. When deciding on what to sell all you have to do is check their website and do a little research. Some items that have sold for me are old Air Jordan shoes and coffee mugs. Selling T-Shirts Selling t-shirts is another side hustle that you can do to make some extra money. In the past, you would have to spend money on designs, printing, and inventory. Now, more than ever it’s easier to design and sell shirts for free. There are websites such as Teespring and Spreadshirt, which allow you to upload ...

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Make $5 in Less Than a Minute

getting extra cash back

I did a review of the cashback website, Giving Assistant, a couple of weeks ago. One thing I like about the site is the choice of cash back on web purchases or the ability to donate rewards to a charity of your choice. Now Giving Assistant is offering everyone the chance to make $5 by signing up through this link. It take less than a minute and you don’t have to buy anything.  5% Cash Back from Amazon until November 1st I’ve been using the Giving Assistant portal before making all of my recent Amazon purchases. Lots of things are cheaper on Amazon Prime than at Wal Mart or other big box stores, plus I really hate to shop at those stores. Being able to have home delivery for everyday items is fantastic. It’s even better now that Giving Assistant offers 5% cash back on items ordered from Amazon. They also give cash back for purchases through tons of other websites, but Amazon is the one I use most. I kind of thought it was too good to be true, and my fears were confirmed from an email I got this week stating that the 5% cash back from Amazon ...

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