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Friday Rant: I Suck at Being in the PTA

One of the reasons I wanted to quit working full time was so that I could be more involved with my daughter’s school while she’s little and isn’t embarrassed to have me around. At the beginning of the year, I signed up for the PTA or Parent Teacher Association for those of you who are not in the know. Her school has a very active PTA that is always donating supplies and hosting amazing activities for students and teachers, so I was excited. However, halfway throught the school year I realize that I suck at being in the PTA!  I Can’t Make the Meetings The PTA holds meetings at 8AM on school days. I realize that no one likes do do meetings at the end of the day and we are all busy, but this assumes that PTA members either don’t work or can take off for meetings. I don’t work every day, but have had to work on the majority of meeting times. I can’t justify cutting two hours of patients from my part time schedule to go to a meeting. The PTA Has Fundraisers ALL THE TIME I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t some sort of ...

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Locked Out, Out of Gas, and a Date With Bubba

    Last Friday I wrote about how we’ve certainly had some blips on our driving record, but today I thought I’d share my most embarrassing car story ever. I’m not sure how it relates to personal finance, but there has to be some lesson on being prepared and not stretching yourself too thin. Anyway, think what you like, but I hope you enjoy the story. Watch Out for Grandpa! I believe it was the summer after my first year of optometry school. I decided to stay in Memphis because there were more job opportunites for the summer, and well, it was lots more fun than rural Kentucky. My Grandpa had backed over my car in the driveway while I was home for a visit, so it was being repaired. I was driving my sister’s car for a few weeks because she was living at home and didn’t really need it. I had a low wage job in the Walmart Vision Center. Life seemed much cheaper back then, but I guess I used student loan money to fund my lifestyle. I generally worked the noon to 9PM shift. I would usually sleep in a bit and go to the gym ...

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November Plans and Pearl Jam

Yay for Saturday. It has been a really busy month, and things seem to get more busy as we get closer to the holidays. Jim was out of town for work all last week. Let me tell you, being a single parent sucks. I’m not sure how many of you do that all the time. I, probably mistakenly,  think I do most of the work around the home, but it makes you appreciate what the other parent does when you don’t have that extra set of hands around. I’ve spent this week trying to catch up. We got our ski passes and new boots and skis for our daughter at a ski swap last weekend. I spent $135 on equipment and made $157 from selling some of our old stuff. I’ll take a profit any day. Bring on the snow! (but only after we get home from our upcoming travels) I am super excited that we get to indulge our former 1990’s selves this week when Jim and I travel to Ph0enix to see Pearl Jam, the best band ever. We are leaving the daughter with a friend. We’ve left her with Grandma before, but never with a non-family member ...

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Colorado Bails Out the Federal Government?

It looks like a beautiful Saturday here in Southwest Colorado. I think we’ll be visiting the pumpkin patch today and putting out our Halloween decorations. The mountains that we can see from our house have a nice coating of snow from a storm over the last couple of days, and that’s always pretty to look at. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of mountain views. Speaking of mountains, I found it interesting that the state of Colorado shelled out $362,000 to the federal government this week to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park for ten days. The governor vows to keep it open until the US government shutdown is over. Several other states followed suit, essentially bailing out the federal government to open popular tourist attractions. Fall is a  huge tourist time in Colorado because of the fall color, and it’s elk bugling season!  The little town that borders Rocky Mountain National Park is called Estes Park. You may be familiar with Estes Park because it is home to the Stanley Hotel, which played the part of the Overlook Hotel where Jack Nicholson lost his marbles in The Shining. I’ve been to Estes Park, and it’s a great town. It ...

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Sunday Life Updates

We just got back from a mini trip this weekend. The optometrists in Western Colorado have recently formed a society to offer continuing education and networking, much like optometrists in Denver have been doing for years. Geography is a huge drawback to those of us in the less populated areas. We still had to drive 3.5 hours to make the meeting, but it’s better than 8 hours to Denver, and I attended one of the most inspiring lectures I’ve ever heard. It deserves a whole post, so I’ll keep you guessing for now. I used to love going to a bigger city so I could visit the mall, but that isn’t nearly as fun since I have more fun saving my money instead of spending it these days. I did find our daughter some sweet deals. We got five long sleeve shirts from Gymboree for $1.99-$3.99 each.  It is so much better financially to wait until after school starts to buy clothes! Selling My Business, Is it Ever Going to Happen? Many long time readers know that I have been trying to sell the last piece of my optometry practice for the past couple of years now. Originally, I had ...

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