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How to Increase Your Real Estate Value with Outdoor Elements

Have you ever considered the curb appeal of a home? Realtors refer to this term when appraising the value of a house. To boost your housing investment, consider rejuvenating a home’s exterior. Find out how to use outdoor elements to increase the real estate value of a home. Fire Pit This outdoor element has soared in popularity during recent years. Homeowners love the flexibility that a fire pit provides. For that reason, houses with fire pits sell more quickly and at a higher price — an amazing value for something you can buy for as little as $100. The clever part of a fire pit addition is that you can turn a backyard into a year-round gathering area. You and a loved one can enjoy a romantic winter’s evening by the fire. During the early spring, before the temperatures increase, you can plan your summer activities by the fire’s light. When summer approaches, a fire pit can become a place that family members can gather to toast marshmallows while camping in the yard. Pool House To see significant returns on your investment, elevate the way people perceive your home. A pool house, a structure located next to a backyard pool, drives that ...

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Common Pitfalls You Might Encounter During a Fix and Flip

House flipping has become an increasingly popular means of making a profit in the US and it’s easy to see why. On the surface, flipping a house is simple; buy a property, make some fixes, profit! But before you start seeing dollar signs roll by, it’s important to consider the hard work this type of investment takes. After all, no one thinks buying a house is an easy process, no one thinks making large-scale improvements on a house is an easy process, and no one thinks selling a house is an easy process… With flipping you’re taking on all three challenges in the time that it takes some people to complete just one. However, it’s not all doom and gloom! If you’re prepared to take on the task and you stick to the rules, you can find yourself sitting on a pretty profit and may even find the process fun! The important thing is to learn from the mistakes of others, instead of making them yourself. Be aware of these 3 classic blunders and be careful not to let them affect your profits. Not Sticking to the Numbers So you hired a real estate professional to evaluate your home. They ...

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You Don’t Have To Be A Realtor To Work In The Real Estate Field

If you have an itch to get into the real estate field for your new career, you need to go for it! There really is no better time than now to explore your career dreams. However, if you are unsure as to exactly how you are going to be a part of this growing field, you will want to learn about the following career paths. You do not have to be a standard real estate agent. This is not your only option for success. Appraiser The appraiser is the person who is sent to the homes that are listed for sale in order to determine its true value. As an appraiser, you may be hired by the seller. His or her desire is to determine just how much money they can list the house for with their real estate agent. Then again, you might find that you are working for the banks. Before closing on a loan, the bank needs to know that the house they are lending money for is truly worth the amount that they are handing over. This is a fun job within the real estate field because you get to explore a lot of homes, without ...

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Renting V Owning: Which One Is Best For You?

Whether to buy or rent a home is a decision very specific to individual circumstances and considerations. Generally, many younger people start independent living by renting – possibly due to moving around to establish their careers, and also due to hefty upfront costs ruling home ownership out until their salaries rise. Conversely, some older people may choose to sell their homes to release capital, in the process becoming renters again. As a result, according to this source, US home ownership fell in 2015 to its lowest level since 1967 at 63.4%, compared to the ownership boom of 2004 when home ownership was at 69.2%. The pros and cons So which is best for you – renting or buying? As said above, it will depend on the individual but the advantages and disadvantaged might help clarify things. Financial – many focus on the idea that you’re investing when buying as opposed to renting, but the overall costs of servicing a mortgage and maintaining a property need to be taken into account. A good starting point in calculating costs is this online housing calculator. How settled are you? – are you likely to move in the short term or does it look ...

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A Reverse Mortgage Can Help in 4 Surprising Ways

As reverse mortgages move into the mainstream, many people are catching on to the fact that they can be used as an option for older homeowners to tap into their home equity for extra cash flow. Taken as a lump sum for home repairs, or as a monthly installment to help pay for day-to-day living expenses, reverse mortgages can help some people to improve their retirement picture. But there are also some surprising ways borrowers are using reverse mortgages. From divorce to delaying Social Security benefits and protecting retirement investments, some borrowers are getting very creative with their reverse mortgage strategies. Here are four surprising ways a reverse mortgage may be able to improve your retirement picture. In a divorce. There are a couple of ways that a reverse mortgage can help in the case of a divorce between people of the qualifying reverse mortgage age of 62. First, the reverse mortgage can be used by one spouse to keep the home, if he or she could not otherwise afford to maintain the monthly payments as a single person. Second, a reverse mortgage for purchase could be used by one or both of the spouses to purchase a new home. ...

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