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5 Best Uses for Your Next Pay Raise

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A pay raise doesn’t come to most of us very often, or at least not as often as we’d like. Some people don’t ever get a raise from their employers at all while others may receive a raise just large enough to cover the rising inflation rate if they’re lucky. As a result, when that rare occasion does happen, you may wonder, what is the best use for your next pay raise. Before we get to the end of the year, when some lucky employees may receive a pay raise, here are some ideas for how you can use that money to get ahead financially. Give Yourself a Small Splurge The first thing that comes to mind when you receive a pay raise might be rewarding yourself with something extravagant, and wildly expensive, that you want but would otherwise not necessarily purchase for yourself. This isn’t the best use of your money. Instead, splurge in a small way, such as an evening out with your spouse or significant other. By allowing yourself a small reward you still get the satisfaction of a little something extra without spending it all in one place. The leftover money can then be used more ...

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4 Red Flags Entrepreneurs Must Know to Avoid Financial Lending Scams


Every entrepreneur must be careful in trusting lenders or lending companies all the time. It is better to ensure your business’ safety than be sorry in the end simply because of believing dishonest people. You have to first research thoroughly about the company where you plan to borrow money and make sure everything is legitimate. There are numerous lending companies out there that offer business owners a comprehensive funding service. However, it is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to know if these are licit or not. You must take your time in finding out if a certain company operates legitimately or is a credible one. Since there are a lot of business-related scams that are happening everywhere these days, you really need to be extra cautious and never give your trust easily to anyone. Apparently, there are still reputable companies out there, like Kikka, which offer legit business finance services. All you have to do is to verify the company, check each information provided in their website, and meet them personally. More so, take a look at the following red flags of a business loan scam to avoid any fraudulent operations: Up front fees A sure fire way to know ...

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7 Ways to Improve Internet Security and Protect Customer Data

With hackers increasingly targeting small to medium businesses, it’s time to step up your security regime. Not only will you be able to protect your customers, but you will also win their loyalty, as online shoppers are increasingly savvy and looking for reassurance. These are the top 7 actions to take right now to improve your internet security. Stop Storing Data Do you have all of your customers’ data stored in your system? Card numbers, verification codes, expiration dates – all of these things can do serious damage if accessed by hackers. Purge old records out from your database right away and keep only the data you need for refunds. It might be convenient to store this data for a one-click checkout, but the risk is just too high.  Layer Security One firewall does not make a system secure. You need layers in place – password protected areas, two-factor authentication, security scans, and additional firewalls too. Don’t rely on just one thing, because when it fails, you will be to blame. Choose a Secure Platform When you are selling things on your own website, it can cost a lot of money to get the right encryption software and handle your ...

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How Online Video Calls Can Improve Your Company’ s Customer Service (And Profits)

Video calls have an edge over other forms of communication: face to face contact. While email, calls, chats and texts are serviceable enough to provide you with a way to stay in touch with your customers, it’s not the same as seeing them or talking to them in person. That’s something video technologies are changing. By using video solutions at work, you can boost your company’s customer service experience and see winning results. Why use video? Humans are social beings. So when companies use stilted language to reach out to them, whether in campaigns or company calls, they immediately put up a block and reject the call. But when you do a video call, people can see who they’re talking to. That’s one way companies can hook consumer interest. It’s not as easy to dismiss someone they can see and hear as opposed to people putting the phone down or rejecting a call. Video communications puts a human face to the interaction, which can be effective in drawing customer interest and attention to your products or services. This can turn your customer service around and make buyers or shoppers more inclined to buy your products or give your services a ...

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The Basics of Invoice Factoring

An invoice is simple but what does it mean when “factoring” is added to create the term? The result is an opportunity for businesses (or individuals) to make money from unpaid invoices by selling them in bundles to companies that specialize in the topic. What happens in the process of invoice factoring is fairly simple: A company produces an invoice A client may have become delinquent in fulfillment of said invoice A company (the factor) steps in to purchase the invoice from the original company In the end, the company that sells the invoice gains an immediate bump in revenue (albeit with a cut for the service) and the invoice factoring company has an investment which can yield a decent return depending on the client and any additional terms. Which brings us to… Is it right for my company? Invoice factoring is perfect when your business finds itself in a gray area where funding is needed but there are issues preventing traditional loans and lines of credits from financial institutions. When a business needs a quick injection of capital to push them over the top and hitting the market hard – this is where invoice factoring comes into play. With ...

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