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paying off debt quickly

Is It Better To Invest or Be Debt Free?

A big reason many people put off investing is debt. It doesn’t really make sense to ramp up investments while paying 21 percent interest to credit card companies, but what about low interest debt? Obviously the answer depends on many variables including income, how much debt you owe, and if you are investing for short or long term goals. We currently have lots of mortgage debt, mostly from investment properties, that we’d like to see paid off quickly. However, we don’t want to miss out on investment gains and compound interest either. Is is better to invest or be debt ...

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struggles of minimum wage jobs

How Do You Tell Your Kid a Minimum Wage Job Is a Bad Idea?

We all know that people who work minimum wage almost always get the shaft. Either from low income, no sick days, or companies sending jobs overseas because someone in Laos will work for 10 cents an hour, employees who work in low wage jobs face more struggles than those with higher earning potential. As my daughter grows and gets more curious about the word, I am finding myself having to answer a harder and broader range of questions.  Recently, I’ve had to explain what the tampon machine in the public restroom was for, and I’ve had to offer comments on ...

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ways to save money on car insurance

5 Steps To Save On Car Insurance

Despite the perception that car insurance is just another financial burden, like taxes or utilities, you’ll soon realize why it’s such an important investment. Just like when you hedge in the investment world to protect against the risk of a loss on the financial market, car insurance is the same—it’s transferring the risk of a loss to a third party, so you can drive without worrying about the financial consequences of a crash. However, just like the financial market, you have to do your due diligence in finding the right coverage for the best rate. Different insurance companies have different ...

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financial mistakes 20 year olds can avoid

Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20’s

Lord knows I made some big money mistakes in my 20’s. Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to redeem myself, but I still wish I’d had someone give me financial lessons back in the day. Who knows if I would have listened, but here some money mistakes to avoid in your 20’s. Consumer Debt I think the biggest mistake I made was to take on consumer debt. Our credit card debt didn’t peak until my mid 30’s, but if I’d slammed the door on debt from day one, we would have never had to devote so much time and energy to ...

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delegating to make better use of time

Strategies For Time Management

    One issue I struggle with continuously is time management. No matter how much I wish otherwise, there is absolutely no way to add more hours to a day, so every night I make a mental list of all the things I need to finish the next day. Some days, the stars align and I do get everything accomplished. Other days, I am easily distracted and end up wasting time instead of using it to it’s fullest. I don’t know that it’s possible or even desirable to never waste a moment, but here are some strategies that help with ...

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