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When living a frugal life, mistakes don't derail your finances

When Frugal Fails

While I’ll never win an award for the most frugal person on Earth, I do make a huge effort to control spending and make sure that our money is being used for things we value or that will build wealth for the future. It works pretty well UNLESS life gets crazy. This is how to cope when frugal fails. Life Is Crazy I won’t lament about how busy my life has been lately. I am no busier than most people reading this post. I know many of you work, side hustle, raise families, stay physically fit, and make time for ...

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ways to make extra money quickly

Ways To Come Up With Money Quickly

Nearly half of Americans  have less than $500 in savings. That’s not much security if things go wrong. A major car repair, new set of tires, or a trip to the emergency room could mean going into debt. Before taking out a high interest loan or whipping out a credit card to cover emergencies, consider that there might be other ways to come up with money quickly. Sell Something Odds are, there is something in your house that you don’t need or use anymore. Antiques, kid’s clothing, sporting gear, or musical instruments are popular sale items, but just about any ...

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NCAA tournament experience costs

What Are Experiences Worth?

March is a fun time to be from Kentucky. For 10 months of the year, we don’t have tons of things to be proud of. Then spring rolls around, and we have the NCAA tournament and the Kentucky Derby. Too bad it’s all over within a a few months, but those are a couple of pretty big events that people pay tons of money to attend. I’ve also seen fans pony up a mint to see their favorite band or sports team in action. I’ve often said that I’d rather spend money on experiences instead of things, but what are ...

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letting kids plan the birthday party

The Most Frugal Birthday Party Ever

It’s the end of March. That means spring is here, days are longer, and yes, we have to plan for another birthday party! Every year I complain about the craziness that goes into kid birthday parties then I feel guilty for not wanting to celebrate each one to the fullest extent. After all, it won’t be long until our kiddo doesn’t want anything to do with us, we should splurge on hired ponies and ice sculptures, right? Nope, this year will be our most frugal birthday party ever. Not Having A Party Is The Cheapest Option Last year I was ...

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taking bad advice could cause years of retirement

Be Careful Who You Trust When It Comes To Money Advice

We are all  looking for ways to make money and use it to its fullest potential in order to achieve our goals. You would like assume that money publications know what they are talking about, but be careful who you trust when it comes to money advice. Don’t Write A Letter To Money Magazine! I subscribe to exactly one publication, Money Magazine. Like any other resource, some of the content is helpful, some irrelevant, and sometimes, advice seems way off base. I’m sure Money tries to appeal to the most broad target demographic, those who will likely work until their ...

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