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danger of instant gratification

Dangers of Instant Gratification

We are spending the weekend in Moab, UT, so I’m turning the reigns over to our dog, Mo, today. Since she did an interview with Frugal Hound a while back, she’s kind of gotten a big head and has been wanting to share her canine wisdom about the dangers of instant gratification.  Hi Eyes on the Dollar readers, it’s Mo here, actually it’s Mahogany, but Mom can’t yell that fast enough, so I’m just Mo. Mom talks all the time about being smart with money and thinking through every purchase, but I’m here to tell you, that way of thinking ...

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making extra money

Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money

  I’ve found my ways to make extra money through rental property and blogging, but there are tons more opportunities out there for people looking to make extra income. If you have a skill or hobby, there is a good chance you can get paid to do it. Even if you have little imagination and no time, there are easy ways to earn extra money. Rent A Room In Your House This might be the easiest way to earn extra money without very much work. You do have to give up some privacy, but taking on a renter is income ...

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steps to grow a business

3 Ways to Expand Your Business

Starting your own business is a huge achievement in its own right, but there will come a point when your financials will plateau and you need to make a decision about what to do next. Expanding your business is the obvious way to do this, as you will gain new clientele and increase your revenue. What most businesses struggle with, though, is actually taking this next step. Below are three easy ways to approach business expansion. 1. Create Add-On Services If your business has remained stationary for a while now and you aren’t bringing in a large amount of new ...

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binary options broker

Avoid Binary Options Broker Scams

In the past five years or so, binary options have gone from relative obscurity to being the favored form of trading for countless people all over the planet. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones may very well be that it promises big profits and a lot of excitement. The bad news is that these features attract so many people, scam artists are never far behind. Before you spend money on a binary options broker, understand that some may not be all they claim. Here’s how to avoid this eventuality. Do Your Research One of ...

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people still working after the age of 70

How You Can Love Your Job To Age 70 And Beyond

Recently I’ve run across a slew of people who are over 70 years old and still work full time. To me that sounds worse than Chinese water torture, but by being nosy asking questions, I’ve confirmed what I suspected was true. Working because you want to is much more rewarding than working because you have to. I think work satisfaction depends on a number of factors, but from what I’ve found, this is how you can love your job to age 70 and beyond. Sense of Purpose When I ask people over 70 why they are still working, one theme ...

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