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The afternoon viewing of Old Faithful was not crowded at all

Yellowstone, Tetons, Fun, Rain, and a Snowstorm!

Happy Labor Day to all my US readers and happy Monday to everyone else. We are making our way home from Yellowstone today, and my, has it been a trip to remember! Day1-Old Faithful We arrived at the west entrance to Yellowstone on Friday afternoon after a long day of driving. The weather was beautiful so we hightailed it down to Old Faithful. It was around 4:30 PM when we got to the Old Faithful parking area. The timing was perfect. It was about 30 minutes until the next eruption. Because it was later in the day, there wasn’t a ...

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Tips For Living Within Your Means…Painlessly!

This post is from Jerry Coffey at Enjoy! Living within the confines of your income is the best way to keep yourself out of debt, or at least hold your debt to a manageable level. Now that I have written that down, everyone will magically be living within their means in the morning, right? Maybe in cloud cuckoo land. Here are a few tips that may help you find a way to live within your income and begin repaying some of your debt. Where Does It All Go? In order to live within your income, you have to know ...

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Frugal Trip To Yellowstone National Park

I’m really sad to see summer come to an end. In Colorado, we are already having cooler temperatures, and I can’t help but notice that the sun is sleeping in and going to bed later than just a few weeks ago.  We decided to go on one more blow out road trip before summer is gone, and I’m VERY excited that we chose a national park. It will be a whirlwind, but here’s how we’re planning our frugal trip to Yellowstone! Why Yellowstone? Well, because it’s maybe the most famous national park, and it’s a goal of mine to see ...

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Investing with Betterment

A Year of Investing With Betterment

Last week we discussed retirement investment options. Because of tax advantages, that is where most of our build wealth money goes at this point. When it comes to keeping money or giving it to the good ole’ US government, you can guess who wins every time! However, we all know it’s a good thing to keep diversified. Maybe you want to retire early or have money that’s accessible without penalty before age 59.5. After reading about a million reviews of brokerages, I decided to try out Betterment. I wanted to do a year in review, but my, how time flies. ...

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What Every Future Accountant Should Know

Today the labor market seems to be unstable and unpredictable. Huge amount of various vacancies appear every day due to staff turnover. Now, nobody can be sure that the place of work they currently occupy is permanent and will be available until retirement. In every fluent and changeable situation one should always be ready for the worst while expecting the best. Accounting jobs are a popular and in demand profession. Accounting positions likely won’t lose their importance, at least in the near future. There are always financial problems involved in every business, and they have to be dealt with quickly ...

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