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Big Ben tower in London

Back in the US!

  If all goes well, by the end of the day, my family will be back at home in Colorado. After 21 days, seven countries, and eight times of having to pay to use the bathroom, I’m really glad to be back in the US. I wrote this mini-post early yesterday in the dark from our hotel room in New York. It seems like I should have been up hours ago, although it’s still very early. Gotta love jet lag! Because I can’t yet hold a coherent thought, I’ll share a few pictures from our trip and hopefully be back ...

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hidden costs with buying a home

How Much Should You Anticipate in Hidden Homeownership Costs?

This post is from Jennifer Riner at Zillow.  Making the switch from renting to owning? While historically low mortgage rates might mean your monthly mortgage costs are lower than what you paid while leasing, buyers must plan for more than a mortgage. Although you might factor in the high cost of a down payment, and the title and insurance fees you now face as a homeowner, it’s also important to consider the extra or hidden costs of homeownership. Courtesy of: Zillow   These extra costs can range from property taxes to minor landscaping fees to major roof repairs – depending ...

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Investment returns with Betterment

Investing Made Easy With Betterment

It’s been two years since I started investing with Betterment, and I feel their service is ever better now than when I started. I love a company that makes investing easy and adds benefits and features without increasing costs. For beginning investors or those who are too busy to research and rebalance, investing is made easy with Betterment. Why We Invest Outside of our 401(k) You can read about my first year of investing with Betterment here, but basically, the reason we put money into a non-tax advantaged account is for flexibility. Jim and I plan to retire before age ...

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Changes in global wealth management

How Wealth Management Around the World Has Changed Recently

The past few years have been rough on the global economy. First, most countries dealt with a market crash and now, the market is recovering slowly but surely. The outlook is positive, as most countries have seen a growth in GDP. In particular, private wealth has grown remarkably well in the past few years. Many countries experienced double-digit growth in this sector. The market crash didn’t just affect smaller companies, but also large international ones like J.P. Morgan global wealth management and many others. Investing has been responsible for much of the growth in private wealth. This has allowed many new online brokerages ...

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deciding where to live in retirement

Think Twice Before Moving in Retirement

Many of us dream of moving to a new and exciting location after retirement. Whether the desire to move comes from wanting to be closer to family, the hope for a slower or faster pace of life, or to enjoy nicer weather, there are a number of reasons why people pull up stakes to explore somewhere new. Sometimes, though, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Make sure to do your homework and think twice before moving in retirement. A few weeks ago, I ran into one of Jim’s former work colleagues who retired a couple of ...

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