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ways to get passive income

Ways to Get Mailbox Money

We all know that making money is one of the keys to financial success. While there are tons of ways to earn income, I think my favorite way is through “mailbox money.” One of my favorite things about being an optometrist is learning oddball things from my patients, and this term came onto my radar a few weeks ago from one of my more colorful clients who had recently retired after selling his business. As he is only in his mid 50’s, I asked if he had another career on the horizon when he told me that he as pretty ...

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shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping Checklist

Although hard to believe, another Black Friday is almost here. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving can save conscious consumers all kinds of money but also has the power to derail a holiday budget or even worse, send people into debt. In order to avoid that latter, it’s important to have a Black Friday shopping checklist in place before spending a dime. Missing Black Friday Isn’t the End of the World Black Friday is not the end all be all when it comes to bargains. In fact, many door busters have very limited quantities. Unless you’re willing stay up late or get ...

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holiday travel with points

A Holiday Hidden Stash of Reward Points

With all the gloom and craziness going on in the world right now, I believe it helps to focus on the positive. For a Friday treat, I though I would share a story about my Mom’s hidden stash of reward points. As you may recall, my Dad retired recently and is still figuring out his place in a world without 12 hour work days. My Mom has been retired for some time and enjoys small town life. I guess you could say they never exactly caught the travel bug. You Can Take a Vacation When I’m Dead In fact, aside ...

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cold remedies

How to Function When You’re Sick

It’s really difficult to function when you’re sick. I know because over the past three weeks, our home has been a revolving door of illness. Even if you are lucky enough to have paid time off at work, there is no way to take off that much time without a loss of income. Is there a best way to get things done when you’re under the weather? I’m not sure, but here’s how we’ve been surviving. Get the Most Important Things Done Early This might not apply if you have to spend 8 hours a day in the office, but ...

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choices for retirement plans

Ways to Save for Retirement When You Don’t Have an Employer Plan

Last week we talked about having a retirement savings wake up call, which is a very important first step in preparing for the future. It’s pretty easy to save for retirement when you have access to an employer sponsored plan, but what about those who are self employed or work for a company that doesn’t offer retirement? Luckily, there are several smart and simple choices for setting up a retirement plan on your own. Can’t I Just Save Money Without a Plan? Of course, if you’re willing to save lots and lots of money. The beauty of having a tax ...

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