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alternative lifestyles

Being Bullied For Wanting an Alternative Lifestyle

I have recently been following the story of one rural family and the challenges they’ve been facing while trying to live off the grid. The Nauglers are raising their ten children in rural Kentucky (without welfare or entitlements) in a makeshift tent with no running water or electricity. On their blog, they claim to want a more simple life and practice “unschooling,” prefering to let the children learn from hands on experiences rather than going the traditional school route. Obviously the state of Kentucky does not agree with the Nauglers because their minor children were taken into protective custody earlier ...

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four plex is finished

The FourPlex Is Rented!

For the first time since buying last December, the fourplex is rented! It was lots of work and stress, but what a nice feeling to have that final lease signed. The property has two buildings, each with two apartments. One of the buildings needed a some renovation with new flooring, electrical, paint, and light fixtures upstairs and a complete remodel with new construction downstairs. After two and a half months of work, we now have four, two bedroom apartments. Rental Income We had hoped to get $3050 in rent between all four units, and we’re pretty close at $2975 per ...

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applying for an online loan

South Africa and the Evolving Online Loan Industry

South Africa may not be as digitally advanced as some other more digitally developed countries but as they become more and more tech savvy an increase in possibilities are opening up to them. This is largely thanks to South Africa’s increased adoption of smartphones and tablets. The country’s financial comparison search engines may not be as sophisticated as that of the USA and UK but the payday loans market continues to grow and migrate online as more and more fintech companies enter into the ZA market place thanks to this increased digital user adoption. Applying For Loans Online The payday ...

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paying off debt quickly

Is It Better To Invest or Be Debt Free?

A big reason many people put off investing is debt. It doesn’t really make sense to ramp up investments while paying 21 percent interest to credit card companies, but what about low interest debt? Obviously the answer depends on many variables including income, how much debt you owe, and if you are investing for short or long term goals. We currently have lots of mortgage debt, mostly from investment properties, that we’d like to see paid off quickly. However, we don’t want to miss out on investment gains and compound interest either. Is is better to invest or be debt ...

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struggles of minimum wage jobs

How Do You Tell Your Kid a Minimum Wage Job Is a Bad Idea?

We all know that people who work minimum wage almost always get the shaft. Either from low income, no sick days, or companies sending jobs overseas because someone in Laos will work for 10 cents an hour, employees who work in low wage jobs face more struggles than those with higher earning potential. As my daughter grows and gets more curious about the word, I am finding myself having to answer a harder and broader range of questions.  Recently, I’ve had to explain what the tampon machine in the public restroom was for, and I’ve had to offer comments on ...

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