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Get Kids Excited About Investing

Kids all have their own personalities, but most of the time, they follow what they know. That means if parents yell, scream, and create drama, so do kids. If parents are laid back and open minded, their kids generally see the world with a broader view. While, you can change behaviors as an adult, its much easier to imbed good habits at an early age. In our house, financial literacy is one of the habits we’re trying to cement during the formative years. It’s important to teach kids about wants vs needs, plus how to spend and save responsibly. Recently, ...

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people assume you're rich

Does It Cost More If People Assume You’re Rich?

We all know that first impressions are very powerful. Obviously, we all want to look our best while giving off an aura of confidence, but what about literally looking like a million dollars ? Lots of people can’t tell a JC Penney suit from an Armani, but anyone can see what kind of car you drive or find out what you do for a living. I’m curious if sometimes things cost more when people assume you’re rich. Car Shopping I’ve experienced this first hand during car shopping. When we bought our Altima several years ago, I remember the salesman trying ...

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being organized saves money

Organization: The Key To Money Management

In today’s busy society, it often seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. With work, family, and social commitments, sometimes financial organization takes a back seat to more pressing matters. If you are one of those people who has a box full of uncategorized receipts and a pile of mail waiting to be opened, it might be time to try a different system. Organization really is the key to money management. Make Sure To Pay Bills On Time Paying bills on time keeps accounts in good standing while avoiding late fees or interest charges. Having a good payment ...

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buying a used car with a rebuilt or salvage title

Misadventures in Shopping For a Used Car

I used to love shopping for new cars. We did it fairly often back in day. It was really easy to see a car we wanted, walk into a dealer, trade whatever car we had at the moment, sign up for payments, and drive away. I don’t believe we ever tried to negotiate, at least not that I remember. Yes, it was a bit unnerving to deal with salespeople, but I knew we’d get approved and leave with a shiny new car eventually. This time around, we are shopping for a used car, and I’m  having all kinds of anxiety! ...

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legal marijuana sales in Colorado

Life in Colorado After One Year of Legal Marijuana

    January marked year one since pot became legal for recreational sale in my home state. I though it might be interesting to see what changes, if any, have befallen our area. This is my eye witness report of life in Colorado after one year of legal marijuana. Marijuana Tax Bonanza! The tax figures are in regarding state money made from marijuana sales last year. Sales from legal recreational and medical marijuana amounted to $700 million last year. Recreational sales were below some estimates but still brought in $44 million in tax revenue. Medical marijuana sales and fees brought in ...

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