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pros and cons of being a teacher

How Much Do Teachers Really Make?

In the personal finance community, view points often lean toward toward self employment, multiple side hustles, and even early retirement. We often pity those who remain in a regular 9-5 job for several decades. “Regular jobs” are often a means to an end, and there is little sense of loyalty. Today, I’ll share a different view point. What if a person does want a steady job for the long haul that includes benefits, paid time off and the holy grail of retirement, a pension! There are few careers left that offer these terms, but I happen to be in the know ...

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Family Trip To Europe With Points and Miles

This post is part two in a series about how I’m taking a family trip to Europe with the help of points and miles. If you are not into travel rewards, feel free to go back and read about debt or retirement. Part 1: My Ambitious Plan To Get 3 People To Europe With Points and Miles When when we last discussed this trip, my family was booked on flights from Durango, Colorado to Boston, then from Boston to Dublin. Now that we’re across the pond, the real fun begins. Let me say, it’s very hard to find basic hotel ...

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Spending can cost years of retirement

How Many Years Of Retirement Will That Cost?

Obviously I have retirement on the brain lately. Turning 40 will do that to a person! Even though we probably have at least a decade before pulling the trigger, I’m already thinking about where we’d like to live and what sort of life we’d like to have when 9-5 doesn’t matter anymore. One rule that I’ve also tried to practice since we started down the correct financial path is to look at today’s purchases and think about how they will impact the future. A good exercise I would recommend for everyone is to ask how many years of retirement will ...

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affording fun when paying off debt

How To Afford Fun On A Budget

You’ve finally done it. The whole family is on spending lockdown while putting as much money as possible toward a goal. That goal might be paying off debt, saving for a big expense, or even early retirement. Since most of us can do basic math, it makes sense that every dollar not going toward this goal means a longer journey. It’s exciting at first, but what if your journey takes months or even years to achieve? Should you cut out all unnecessary spending for the duration? I believe there are ways to still afford fun while on on a budget, ...

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Delicate Arch in Moab, UT

Where Is The Best Place To Retire?

A few years ago, we were in so much debt that the thought of retirement was as far away as Siberia. We drank the Kool Aid, worked really hard to keep up with our payments, and had distant hope that we’d eventually get to quit the work force, maybe by age 65 if we were lucky. Well, the philosophy that society holds as normal is just bunk. There are many ways to retire early. They all involve what some might call sacrifice, but if living below your means, purposeful spending, and doing without all the latest and greatest is sacrifice, ...

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