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getting cash back

Earn Cash Back or Donate to Charity With Giving Assistant

I’m a big fan of online portals. Who doesn’t love getting money back after shopping for items you needed to buy anyway? Giving Assistant is a new website that offers rebates and coupons for various online merchants with the added bonus of being able to donate all or a portion of your cash back to charity. Giving Assistant is different from other cash back portals in a few key areas. More Cash Back All cash back websites are paid a commission from retail partners for originating purchases. The Giving Assistant website states that 100% of the commissions earned from their ...

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ways to increase salary

What to do When the Boss Won’t Give You a Raise

While self employment and alternative work situations are on the rise, the majority of the work force still has a traditional employer/employee relationship. We all know that making more money is the real key to building wealth, so it makes sense that the easiest way for most people to bring in more income is by getting a raise. Maybe you’ve looked forward to your annual performance review or worked up the nerve to ask your supervisor for a salary increase, only to be shot down with lots of company mumbo jumbo that basically means you aren’t going to see a ...

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challenges of being your own boss

Things People Don’t Always Tell You About Being Self Employed

I’ve been my own boss for all but three of the 16 years of my professional career. I don’t regret it for one minute, but there are lots of thing people don’t tell you being self employed. Yes, you get to call the shots, set your own hours, and the sky is the limit as to how much income you’re able to earn. There are also some more challenging aspects to consider before pulling the plug on your day job. Health Care is Probably Worse Than You Thought I really hoped the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, would ...

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Visiting Paris on a budget

Under Budget in Paris

As a part of our European adventure this past summer, we spent four days visiting Paris. I’ll admit that I was prepared to be underwhelmed. Paris is one of those cities often placed on a pedestal, but I’ve also heard crowded, rude, dirty, and expensive used to describe the City of Light. Happily, Paris exceeded my expectation and we even ended up under budget. If you missed any of the other posts from our trip, here are links to catch up. Dublin Edinburgh and St. Andrews London Getting to and Around Paris We arrived at Gare du Nord station after ...

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better rates on foreign money exchange

Save on Foreign Currency

There’s an aspect relating to money saving that is often overlooked. While there are thousands of resources teaching enthusiastic readers how to financially control each and every aspect of their lives, there are hardly any that deal with the important topic of Foreign Exchange. Foreign Currency and Me People falsely believe that foreign currency education is an overshoot. Even though they are fully committed towards saving in all other areas in their life, they would not bother themselves to learn about a topic which can potentially save them thousands of dollars down the road. Though this number many seem excessive ...

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