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How to balance your budget

How The 50/20/30 Rule Can Help You Budget Your Money

There’s one thing that many people have in common, regardless of age. That’s that, many of us want to learn to better budget our money. One of the big problems with this process is the amount of work that’s involved. I’ve seen some budget spreadsheet templates that have more than 20 fields for categorizing purchases. Let’s face it, categorizing each and every product is highly unrealistic, and can be discouraging. Nonetheless, there’s good news. Not all budgeting systems are quite so hard to follow through with. In fact, I recently came across the 50/20/30 rule, and it has made budgeting ...

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pay raise

5 Best Uses for Your Next Pay Raise

A pay raise doesn’t come to most of us very often, or at least not as often as we’d like. Some people don’t ever get a raise from their employers at all while others may receive a raise just large enough to cover the rising inflation rate if they’re lucky. As a result, when that rare occasion does happen, you may wonder, what is the best use for your next pay raise. Before we get to the end of the year, when some lucky employees may receive a pay raise, here are some ideas for how you can use that ...

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Student loan options

Breaking Down Student Loan Options

The cost of education has increased dramatically over the past few decades, often forcing students and parents to consider taking out loans to pay for tuition, fees and room and board. While grants and scholarships are available, they may not cover the cost of a student’s final bill. Fortunately, there are several different types of student loan programs available. The eligibility for these programs, as well as loan terms, differ by program, so it’s important that students, and their families, do some research before making the decision to borrow. Student Loan Types Federal Direct Loans Previously known as “Stafford Loans,” ...

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The Cost of Commuting: How to Save Thousands on Transportation

Today we have a guest post for you from a new blogger, The Early Retirement Engineer. Most people that set out on a money saving expedition invest untold hours into coupon clipping and bargain shopping. While these can indeed save a few bucks, what if there was a simple way to save thousands of dollars every year simply by questioning and reorganizing an aspect of modern society that everybody now takes for granted, transportation? Let’s begin with the average number of miles per person driven in the US every year, 14,000. How much money do each of those 14,000 miles ...

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How to Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

How to Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

The advice you get from some finance blogs is to use extreme measures to avoid running up credit card debt. They may suggest things such as cutting up your credit cards or placing them in a container of water and freezing them to prevent you from using them – at least until they thaw. But I know that credit cards can be used to your advantage if you are able to use them with self control. Like anything else, they are a tool. It’s you that determines if they will be an asset or detriment to your finances. Here are ...

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