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5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Saving Money

5 Signs You're Obsessed with Saving Money

Lots of people these days are trying to be more frugal with their money. As a result, there are books and articles everywhere on the topic. Some are saving toward goals of vacations, retirement, or a college education for their children. Other people have made it their occupation and sole professional focus, like me. 😉 But how do you know when saving money becomes an obsession? Here are some signs that you’ve become OBSESSED with saving money. Spending Makes You Anxious If you have trouble buying a single piece of candy at the store or one extra item that isn’t on your grocery list once in a while, you may have an obsession with saving money. While it’s a great idea to track your spending, you probably don’t have to account for every single cent all of the time. If you are tracking every scent and having feelings of anxiousness or panic when you try to make a small, unplanned purchase every once in a while, you may have a deeper problem. Constantly Checking Your Budget When you constantly check your budget before spending any money at all, you might be going a bit overboard. Most budgets need a little ...

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How Procrastination Can Hurt Your Finances

procrastination can hurt your finances

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” When it comes to your money, that phrase is good advice as procrastination can hurt your finances. Procrastination is a nasty habit that can have many negative effect on your finances. In case you haven’t broken your procrastination habit yet, here are a few reasons why you should so it doesn’t harm your finances. Credit Card Fees Almost everybody has a credit card these days. Just try booking a hotel room or renting a car without one and you will find out it isn’t easy to do (some one even accept debit cards as an alternative). But after your vacation is over, you should pay off your credit card as soon as possible. The interest and late payment fees applied to your credit card bill can cost you more than the original price for the items you purchased. Instead of getting in a habit of procrastination, try paying off your credit card bill immediately after you’ve used it. You can save ahead for your purchases so you already have the cash on hand to pay the credit card bill. Late Fees Another way procrastination can hurt ...

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6 Ways Bookworms Can Save Money

bookworms can save money

Reading is a great hobby to have. You can spend your free time traveling to other destinations, learning about other time periods, and more. But if you are a bookworm and like to read so much that you are going through several books in a short period of time, it can become an expensive habit. I used to be a big bookworm (before I took up blogging and freelance writing) and I often couldn’t walk out of a bookstore without spending at least $50. Luckily there are ways that bookworms can save money and still enjoy their favorite hobby. Use the Library The most obvious way bookworms can save money is by using the local library to check out books for free. You’ll be able to read all you want without paying a cent if you always return or renew your library books on time. Choose Carefully Whether you are purchasing a new book or a used book, read the prologue or the back cover first. If it is an E-book, you have the option to check the reviews and usually read a little about the book before you buy it. Spending a little bit of extra time to look it ...

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How to Save at the Gas Pump

gas pump

As consumers we know there are price increases from time to time on the goods and services we use every day. However, one extreme fluctuation happened about eight years ago when the average price of a gallon of gas spiked at over $4.00. This was largely due largely to an increase in the cost of oil. I don’t know about you, but that hit my budget pretty hard even though I was still in high school at the time. My parents did pay for some of my fuel, but I had to chip in too and I found myself doing far less driving when the price at the gas pump spiked. Even though the price of fuel has gone down since then, I still try figure out how to save at the gas pump whenever I can. Below are a few ideas I use to help me save as much as I can. Make Trips Count Even though that was quite a few years ago, I started getting into the habit then of making my trips around town count as much as possible. At the time, I lived a few miles from town on my family’s farm, so trips back and ...

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Save on Groceries: Stop Buying These 9 Items

save on groceries

Saving money is on the minds of quite a few people these days, and cutting back on your grocery bill is one way you may be able to tighten your budget a little. Personally, groceries is one area of my budget that tends to be a slippery slope, so I try to go back and review my grocery budget and purchases every few months to make sure I stay on track. Sure, food is a necessity and buying groceries is a lot cheaper than eating out, but that doesn’t mean you can buy groceries all willy-nilly because they are a “need” and not a “want”. There are some items at the grocery store that are definitely not a need. Pay attention to what you put in your cart before you pay so you save on groceries. In fact, if you want to save the most money, stop buying these 9 items as part of your regular grocery shopping. 1 Alcohol Cut back your alcohol consumption or eliminate it altogether to save money in your budget each month. If you must purchase alcohol, don’t buy it at a grocery store. It’s usually higher there than at a Sam’s, Costco, or another warehouse ...

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