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How to Afford a Vacation- Time Off and A Place To Stay

Coastal view from our summer vacation

When you work full time, especially if you own a business, it might be hard to take a vacation. If you are in debt or living paycheck to paycheck, that makes it even harder. We recently took our longest vacation in over a decade. While a ten day vacation may not seem like long to world travelers, if you knew my work history, it’s nothing short of a miracle. If you are dreaming of sandy beaches and mai tais, but don’t feel like you have the time or can afford to take a vacation, maybe there is a way. Work is Ruining all My Fun! I think the biggest obstacle facing most would be vacationers is work. If you work for someone else, it’s hard to take extended time off. Even if you are the boss, it can be tough. You could find yourself ten years into a job and only taking a few consecutive days off here and there. To be able to take time off, you have to make sure there is someone you can delegate your work load to, and you have to be able to have enough money to supplement your income if you are taking ...

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