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What If My Kid Wants To Go To Stanford?

Hoover Tower at expensive Stanford University

I had a continuing education class in Durango last weekend, and we used it as a family day trip, treating ourselves to dinner at our idea of gourmet; Applebee’s. As we sat there waiting for our food, Jim was watching college football on the many TV’s that are scattered about this four star establishment. Stanford was battling someone on one of the screens, and our daughter asked who was playing. Jim looked at her and said, “That’s Stanford, where you are going to college.” We kind of laughed since she doesn’t know Stanford from Pueblo Community College,  but that got me to thinking. What if my kid does want to go to Stanford? She is only 7, and I’m not a tiger Mom who has been planning her educational future from conception, but let’s just for a minute consider it as a possiblity. Could we do it, and would it make sense? Could She Get Accepted? Because I’m a geek well rounded parent, I checked out some stats on getting accepted to Stanford University. We’ll assume today’s statistics because I have no idea what the next decade will bring. For fall 2014, There were 42,167 applicants, of which 2,145 or ...

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