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Boring Jobs Pay Best: 10 Dull Careers with Exciting Wages

If high-paying jobs were fun and easy, everyone would do them. In truth, if you want to make a serious salary, you can’t expect to love what you do every minute of every day. The road to high earnings is paved with sweat, tears and a heck of a lot of boredom. If being impassioned about your work and feeling personally connected to your daily tasks matters to you, you should look for another list. This guide will point you toward careers that aren’t particularly interesting but promise sky-high salaries right out the gate. Actuary Actuaries employ the yawn-inducing field of statistics to study risk. Most often, actuaries work for insurance companies, assigning cost values to different kinds of tragedies, such as homes burning down, people dying from heart disease or dogs attacking neighbors. The median pay for an actuary hovers around $100,600 and working as an actuary requires little more than a bachelor’s degree and a strong grasp of math. Business Analyst Thanks to the meteoric rise of Big Data, business analytics jobs are exploding around the world. In this IT career, you will use data gathered and organized by other data professionals to inform business leaders of opportune ...

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4 Reasons you may Need Credit Monitoring Services

Keeping your credit score is important for your financial health. Many people may not be aware of the importance of keeping good credit. Your credit report is important because it tells lenders and other financial services about your financial behavior. You need to keep your records in place if you are to be sure of what you are doing. Whether you are a regular user or not, keeping a close eye on your credit activities can keep you out of trouble. If you cannot keep track by yourself, employing service of credit monitors can be your best solution. This are systems that monitor’s consumers’ credit reports. If they detect any information change, they notify the user. Why would you need such services? Continue reading this article to get more. You can receive a higher credit score optimization Credit score may seem just like any number. But it is a very important one. It determines your ability to repay loans and lenders can trust you based on this. The higher your score is, the higher you are likely to repay. For this reason, you need credit monitoring services that can help you ensure that there are no fraudulent activities in your ...

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3 Steps You Need To Take When Creditors Garnish Your Wages

When a creditor garnishes your wages, looming debt can suddenly tailspin into a full-blown financial crisis. A garnish on your wages can quickly make you go bankrupt or fall behind on other debts. If you’re already struggling to make mortgage payments or pay alimony, child support, rent, car payments, or any other necessary expense, a garnish on your wages will quickly have you falling behind. Unsecured creditors may take a number of legal actions against you if you have not been repaying your debt. They may move to seize physical assets, but with many exemptions in place to protect common assets, creditors may find it easier to collect with wage garnishment. With a seizure summons, a creditor can garnish up to 30 percent of your wages or if you’re self-employed, which a growing number of Canadians are, 100 percent. A garnish on your wages could actually be a blessing in disguise. It sounds unlikely, but if your creditors are taking legal action against you to collect their debts, there may be a good chance that you’re insolvent. Insolvency means that you’re eligible for a number of debt relief options that can protect you against legal action and reduce the total ...

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A Dummies Guide to Debt Solutions

Finding yourself with more debt than you realized and wondering how to right the ship? You’ve come to the right place! Debt solutions vary and ultimately come down to each debtor’s specific situation. Below we’ll outline the basic debt relief approaches and which situations are ideal for whom, so you can leave debt behind once and for all. Let’s get started.   DIY Approach Taking the DIY approach to solving debt could include taking a debt management course, consolidating debts, or a restructured debt repayment plan. All these options result from a debtor being proactive. Call your creditor(s) at the first realization that your debt might be spiraling out of control. Be as transparent as possible about your situation. Leaving creditors in the dark and then missing payments will only make things worse. There aren’t really any cons with the DIY approach because there’s nothing to lose in asking for help, especially before you start to miss payments.   Who Qualifies for the DIY Approach? The DIY approach only works for debtors who are at the early stage of falling behind and can still make payments on their debt. In other words, someone who still has options. Working with a ...

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How AI Is Revolutionizing Financial Services

Companies that are successful at adopting emerging technology early tend to perform better than those that do not. This is especially true in fast-paced industries like financial services. According to one index from FIS, the top 20 percent of performers saw better revenue growth than competitors. For example, 40 percent of these “readiness leaders” grew their global revenue by 5 percent or more; only 22 percent of other institutions did the same. Similarly, 47 percent of readiness leaders increased their assets under management by more than 5 percent; only 23 percent of other organizations managed to accomplish this feat. This just goes to show how necessary it is to embrace new technological advances as they hit the market. As City A.M. reports, 37 percent of these “readiness leaders” had incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning into their business operations—compared to only 6 percent of other organizations within the financial services industry. How can companies within the financial services industry use AI and machine learning to improve performance? Here’s a closer look at a few of the most promising areas.   Improving the Customer Experience Customers and clients have more options than ever when it comes to selecting the financial ...

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