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5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Have you taken a look around your home lately and decided it needed to be spruced up a bit? Every now and then both interior and exterior spaces can use some TLC to keep them looking their best. But along with the usual upkeep of cleaning, clearing away clutter, and painting, there are other ways to keep your home updated without spending a small fortune. Below are 5 cheap ways to make your home look expensive that could help. 1 Frames In addition to the usual picture frames there are several other places you can add frames around your home to give it a more luxurious look. For example, did you know you could frame that simple bathroom mirror to make it look like a large, expensive one? Or, add a frame to a wall mounted television to give it the allusion of wall art. You can even add small picture frames to your light switch plates to dress them up somewhat. While inexpensive, these touches add elegance and style without adding a lot to your budget. 2 Tile Kitchen and bathrooms are some of the more expensive areas to update in a home. To add a little pizzazz without ...

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How to Stop Your Home from Leaking Money

It is estimated that the average American household will spend approximately $2200 or thereabout on energy bills alone, year in year out. That’s a whopping $12000 in 5 years or roughly. This is a significant figure of money to flush down the drain, especially in a day and age when a majority are struggling with a severe cash crunch. Fortunately, they are various, practical and non-cliché ways you can cut back this figure. Forget everyday old-and-tired advice such as ‘remember to switch off the lights as you leave a room.’ The real gem is found in targeting and re-evaluating you heating expenditure. Follow these 5 tips to prevent your home from wasting money on heating costs. Continuously Improve Your Home’s Insulation A huge chunk of your annual energy bill, around 55%, is accumulated during the coldest months of the year. As we all know, this is the time when we are forced to leave our heaters on throughout the day and night in a bid to keep the biting cold away. However, this is only because our homes tend to lose as much warmth as soon as it is generated. Improving the thermal insulation of your home is the first ...

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What You can do with a Psychology Degree

If you’re looking for a degree that will afford you more career opportunities, look no further than getting a psychology degree.  The truth is that there is no one answer to what you can do with a psychology degree.  Psych degrees allow you to work in virtually any field that requires a basic bachelor’s degree.  You can work in healthcare, teaching, the arts, and the list goes on and on.  Let your curiosity about human nature get the best of you by pursuing a psychology degree.  Below is a list of what you can do with your degree in psychology. Chartered Psychologist Becoming a chartered psychologist is one of the most prestigious of all distinguished positions as a psychologist.  This is also a typical career goal for psychology majors interested in working in the field. This is a very focused role that allows you to work with people of various backgrounds.  You will be certified to analyze thoughts, behaviors, and emotions so that you can ascertain whether or not the patient or client has a psychological issue that needs to be addressed.  Chartered psychologists can work in a variety of concentrations, including but not limited to athletics and mental health, ...

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Making An Economical Choice Between Hiring And Contracting

One of the benchmarks many people look at for a measure of the growth of their business is the number of employees they hire. After all, that’s the central engine of an economy; nothing else happens until people have some money to spend. With so much emphasis on adding personnel to the payroll, it can be easy to take a distorted view of the decision on whether or not to hire. It seems that if there’s work to be done, somebody should be hired to do it. However, hiring personnel is an expensive decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. It must be able to pay for itself with increased production, efficiency, or other measurable benefits. Growing health care costs underscore the need to assess the hiring decision very carefully. What’s the alternative? Contractors can fill work gaps for your business without requiring you to take on additional employees. If you’ve been fortunate enough to see growth in your business and you’ve reached the point where there’s enough work to require additional personnel, here are some things to consider as you choose between hiring and contracting. Can You Justify A Full-Time Person? The immediate response some people have to this is, ...

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Fraud and Unethical Behavior in the Workplace

It is very sad yet quite true that employees in just about any kind of business will from time to time come across team members who are displaying unethical behavior. That behavior could span a wide variety of activities. Some of the most common types of unethical behaviors include things like copying software so that they can use it at home, falsifying the amount of time they have worked, or even falsifying business records and or embezzling money from the company. Though there might be a difference between behavior that is considered to be unethical and behavior that is considered to be illegal, it is actually up to the business itself to determine how it will deal with such activities… whether or no they are illegal. Recouping Loss Let’s say that you have a stock broker who you feel has mismanaged your investment by making risky or unorthodox or maybe even illegal investments. You might decide to get the services of a loss recovery team to try to recoup those losses. Will you be able to recover your losses that resulted from their unethical and possibly fraudulent behavior? This is determined on a case by case basis, but it never ...

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