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Graduation: Give a Lasting Gift to Your Children

When your children graduate from school, it is an exciting yet scary time for everyone. They have the whole world ahead of them to do what they please. Whether it be heading straight to college, jumping into the workforce or travelling around the world, life is at their fingertips. But with this sense of freedom comes a great sense of responsibility – and worrying parents. Your child’s safety and protecting their future are now top priorities. So while you are debating on the perfect graduation gift for your child, why not consider something that will help protect their future? Here are a few reasons why gifting life insurance to your child is a good idea. It’s A Stable, Reliable and Lasting Gift The gift of life insurance is not going to fall apart or go out of style the next year. Unlike buying a material object as a present, a life insurance policy will be there for your children. As long as premium payments are kept up, it won’t be going anywhere for quite a while. It Provides Protection A life insurance policy is there to protect your loved ones in case of unexpected death. It is there to pay ...

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Ways to Preserve Your Home to Prevent the Need for Spending More Money in the Future

Maintaining your home is not just important to the health and well-being of every member of your family, but also, can help you save a lot of money in the future on avoidable costly repairs. Luckily there are many ways to preserve the integrity of your home, helping to reduce the possibility of an unplanned catastrophe. Pest Control No home is 100 percent pest-free. A couple of bugs here and there may not seem like such as big deal. However, in many cases, it’s the ones you don’t see that can cause a lot of damage. Termites hide inside the walls of your home feasting on your wooden supports. Once you see one it’s too late. The same applies to mice and rats. They can chew through your wiring and cause your home to go up in flames or bring disease to a family member through their toxic droppings. Thankfully, in almost every corner of the states, there are companies who specialize in pest control. For example, if you live in Kansas City, you just need to look in the yellow pages or go online and see the list of companies that offer Kansas City pest control services. A Solid ...

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How The Biggest Banks Are Copying The Fintech Industry

Fintech companies represent a niche industry at the peak of innovation, quick to respond and adapt to ever-changing needs of their customers. They’re leading the way with ground-breaking money management apps, online lending options, and mobile wallet opportunities. Trailing behind them are conventional retail banks, stalled by outdated banking models. These financial giants have a choice. They can remain unchanged and continue to offer traditional services to an increasingly frustrated consumer base, or they can follow in fintech’s footsteps. Many of them are choosingthe second option, as it’s the only these financial stalwarts can remain relevant in an increasingly digital age. Though they may be slow and cumbersome in comparison, here are three ways the biggest banks are copying the fintech industry. Money management apps By far the most popular money management app on the web, Mint has over 20 million users. The app was a trailblazer in 2007, and it remains a huge force within the financial world today. It’s a mobile budgeting app that offers an easy way to track expenses by synching up with users’ banking accounts. Though a leader within the industry, it’s not alone. Joined by countless others, including Spendee and YNAB, Mint represents consumers’ ...

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Renters Need Excellent Credit Scores to be Approved for An Apartment

As a renter, you’re probably aware that credit score plays a major part in the renting game and your main concern should be to keep it in top-notch shape. If you’re planning to move to another city, the recent study published by apartment search website RENTCafé shows the average credit scores of renters in different U.S. cities, as well as the average rent that you would be paying. While the national average credit score of rental applicants was 650 in 2017, Georgians who were approved to rent Atlanta apartments had an average score of 664. When it comes to high credit scores though, Atlanta is only 16th on the list. Check out the top 10 cities with the highest approved average credit scores for renting: Boston leads with the highest average credit score of approved applicants Boston renters approved for an apartment had an average credit score of 737, the highest among the 50 largest U.S. cities. As for the average rent, Bostonians pay about $3,232/month. If you live in San Francisco, CA or plan to move there, you’ll need a very high credit score. San Fran applicants approved for an apartment had an average score of 724. Renting in ...

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Debt Watch: 4 Things that Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Credit card commercials and other marketing efforts are full of happy people getting more out of life — and that’s fine. But there’s also a different and darker side to signing up for a credit card: one that credit card companies don’t like publicizing on TV and across posters and banners, since it’s certainly not to their advantage.   However, Eyes On The Dollar is all about educating and informing consumers so they can make safe, smart financial decisions rather than heading down the wrong road that leads to debt, and in some cases, bankruptcy.   As such, here are four eye-opening things that credit card companies really don’t want you to know — but that you certainly need to understand:   Your interest rate can — and almost certainly will — change without your approval.   Credit card companies don’t politely ask you if it’s OK that your interest rate will rise. Instead, they unilaterally increase it, and send you a letter letting you know (which they wouldn’t do if it wasn’t legally required).   A single late payment can hike your APR across all credit cards.   Being late with a single payment can hike your APR — ...

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