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A Reverse Mortgage Can Help in 4 Surprising Ways

As reverse mortgages move into the mainstream, many people are catching on to the fact that they can be used as an option for older homeowners to tap into their home equity for extra cash flow. Taken as a lump sum for home repairs, or as a monthly installment to help pay for day-to-day living expenses, reverse mortgages can help some people to improve their retirement picture. But there are also some surprising ways borrowers are using reverse mortgages. From divorce to delaying Social Security benefits and protecting retirement investments, some borrowers are getting very creative with their reverse mortgage strategies. Here are four surprising ways a reverse mortgage may be able to improve your retirement picture. In a divorce. There are a couple of ways that a reverse mortgage can help in the case of a divorce between people of the qualifying reverse mortgage age of 62. First, the reverse mortgage can be used by one spouse to keep the home, if he or she could not otherwise afford to maintain the monthly payments as a single person. Second, a reverse mortgage for purchase could be used by one or both of the spouses to purchase a new home. ...

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Eating Healthy Wherever You Go

If you made a resolution to eat healthier, the first place you make changes is likely to be your kitchen. You might’ve spent hours throwing out processed foods and products containing trans fatty acids and replacing them with healthier options in your kitchen cabinet. You may have stocked your fridge with a bouquet of fresh fruits and vegetables available whenever you feel hunger pangs. In this situation, it’s relatively easy to stick to your diet routine and avoid temptation. The real test, however, comes when you leave your home and travel someplace else. In unfamiliar territory, it may be challenging but not impossible to adhere to your healthy diet. Be Prepared The key to eating healthy when you travel is to do research ahead of time and to look for natural stores and healthy restaurants. It’s never been easier to eat out and stick to your diet because you can do a simple Google search on your handheld device and find an organic grocery store or a vegetarian café close to where you are. Just as you plan your itinerary and sightseeing schedule, you can also make time for shopping in natural supermarkets and stock up on healthy staples. Make ...

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Living on a Budget

Today we have a guest post that can help our UK readers estimate how living on a budget can help them get ahead financially. Enjoy! In 2015, the minimum monthly household expenses for a UK region was an appalling £427.50; with the largest sum being £616.30 in Greater London. Clearly our expenses are getting the better of us, so it’s about time we reined in the unnecessary spending and started setting weekly, monthly and yearly limits. However, if you’re unsure on how to approach your cost cutting, read this simple guide on how to live well whilst saving well. Planning Your first task towards a more cost effective life is to create a budget plan that clearly outlines your current overheads; this will make figuring out A) how much you are spending and B) what’s costing you the most much easier. Do not start budgeting unless you have answered this essential criteria – it’s not something than can be done overnight as you’re essentially changing the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to. You could produce this in an Excel spreadsheet for better organization. Goals You’ve gathered all the relevant information – great, now you can initiate the next phase, setting goals. ...

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How to Save on Travel Expenses

Contrary to popular opinion, holidays don’t have to be a money-gobbling venture that will leave you living on a stringent budget for weeks afterwards. With a combination of open-mindedness and thinking ahead, there are many ways you can save on costs when you go abroad. Ready to start enjoying your travels for less? Here are some of our top tips to help you cut expenses on your next vacation. Go All Inclusive The upfront cost of an all inclusive holiday may not feel like you’re saving money, but in the long run, it makes budgeting a lot easier. Food, drinks, accommodation and even many of your activities will already be covered before you arrive. As a result, you can fully enjoy your holiday without worrying about how much each day is going to cost. With all inclusive, you can set an upper limit for your trip and actually stick to it. Be flexible Flexibility is key to bagging an amazing holiday deal. This means you should stay open to different options surrounding both where and when to go. You might have had your mind set on the Algarve, but who’s to say you won’t have just as good a time on ...

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How a Loan Can Make Your Business Grow

Just like all other companies, small business owners need working capital to manage operating expenses, buy new inventory, and invest in new business equipment, marketing campaigns, or other opportunities for future growth. Unfortunately, the traditional model of bank lending does not always deliver the types of small business loans that many business owners need – especially if the business is relatively new (without a track record of sales revenue) or if the business owner has less than perfect credit. Additionally, many online businesses find that their online sales, social media presence and other metrics of success are often ignored or unrecognized by the traditional bank lending process – there are more ways to evaluate a business’s creditworthiness than a credit score alone, and many viable, successful small businesses are finding themselves overlooked by traditional banks’ small business lending. There are many reasons why online loans are becoming a rising force in the world of small business lending. Online loans are more flexible, more technologically up-to-date, and better suited to many of the needs of small businesses than a traditional small bank loan. Filling the Gap in Small Business Lending According to research cited by the Wall Street Journal, even though ...

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