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Life Insurance 101: Learn About Some Common Terms and Definitions from Health IQ

If you’re starting the search for a quality life insurance policy, get familiar with some common terms and definitions. Even if you’re a seasoned insurance pro, reviewing some basic terminology can help make sure you understand your current agreement. This step is essential to securing an affordable, beneficial policy, and you may discover something that you can use to get a lower rate or find a better deal. With its dedication to helping health-conscious people save money on life insurance, Health IQ is one place to start. Do you know the difference between term and whole life insurance? Term life insurance covers a set period, whereas whole life insurance covers a person’s life. Although the latter option may seem like a better bargain, it may not be the best deal. Whole life insurance is often more expensive, as the insurance company is guaranteed to eventually make a payout. If you already have life insurance, you can discuss what’s known as a “conversion” — a switch from term to whole life insurance. You could fill up a small dictionary with enough life insurance terminology. Keep researching and learning the essentials needed to be a wise consumer. If you’re interested in learning ...

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Health IQ: Know About Your Life Insurance Needs

Life insurance is a valuable investment that helps protect your loved ones from financial hardships after your death. Age and health may factor into the policy options that are available to you, but these shouldn’t be your own personal indicators as to whether you need life insurance. If you have anyone who depends on you financially, you should consider life insurance a critical investment to make sure they’re cared for should the unexpected happen. Life insurance can help replace your lost wages and pay for some of your debt in the event of your death. Though 73 percent of uninsured families recognize that they need life insurance, there are many individuals who are delaying their coverage. If you’re among the 62 percent of homes that would be in immediate financial trouble if a primary wage earner passed away, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start exploring your life insurance options. There are over 37 million American families that are currently uninsured, potentially putting their loved ones in a dangerous financial situation if they should pass on. The first step to implementing a life insurance plan is understanding your options. You’ll find several options for both low-cost term life insurance and ...

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The Difference between Savings and Investments

A number of times you hear financial advisors, planners and mutual funds selling words like ‘investments’ and ‘savings’ door to door. However, did you know that investment and savings are two different concepts? Each month, many of you earn an income. This can either be in form of your income from business or your salary. Then, you also come across several expenditures such as telephone bills, clothing, food, rent, internet, electricity etc. Once you are done with making payments for all the expenses from your income, what if left with you is usually called savings. Apparently, the more you save, the better your future is. In addition, you should always intend to curtail your expenditure, but there are several expenditures that just cannot be avoided by you, such as paying off the instalment of loan or the rent.  If you intend of creating a wealth, then of course, saving only is not sufficient. You have to step ahead of savings and do something more with them. That is where the investments step in. The investments are financial tools that assist you increase your money over a course of time. You are required invest in order to fight the inflation every ...

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12 Inspirational Quotes To Help Accomplish Your Goals in 2018

2018 is coming up and many people are focusing on creating new goals in their life. Whether it is financial, physical, or emotional, this is the time of the year when people take stock of their life to determine what they want. While it’s important to set goals and have a clear vision for what you want to create, what’s even more important is having the right mindset and positive psychology to execute your plans. All too often when people are faced with hard times and adversity, they give up on their goals. What many people who give up fail to realize is that it is in the journey and the struggles where you are able to truly grow and discover who you are. Overcoming obstacles and challenges is what provides us the opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. So if you are looking to accomplish more in the New Year, here are some inspirational quotes and phrases you can read to help keep you motivated when you feel like giving up: Never let your head hang down. Never give up or sit down and grieve. Find another way. – Satchel Paige When the world says, “Give up,” ...

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Student Loan Misconceptions That Should Not Play on Your Mind Anymore

When we talk about student loans, there are many students who have certain misconceptions in their mind, and they live with it. This is not the right thing to do because it can have a negative impact on your future and you’ll only have regrets at a later date. So, if you are planning to get a student loan in your name or you wish to learn about student loan misconceptions, keep reading and get rid of it.

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