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3 Ways to Cut the Cord and Still Watch All the TV You Want

3 Ways to Cut the Cord and Still Watch TV

In the last several years cable TV costs have gone up much faster than the rate of inflation. But satellite TV prices are rising just as fast making them a poor choice as well. As a result, many people are either searching for alternatives or simply eliminating TV from their leisure time. But sometimes it would be nice to watch what you want when you want without paying exorbitant prices. Fortunately, when the public wants something bad enough there is usually a response from the industry. Many companies have risen to the challenge and provided customers with ways to cut the cord and still watch all the TV you want. 1. Hulu One of the possible ways to cut the cord and still watch all the TV you want is to stream Hulu. You would pay around $8 per month and get unlimited streaming access. You can choose whatever device you wish to use and watch with either no commercials or limited interruptions. They do have a few plans that provide additional services beyond just the basic one. They offer Hulu with live TV for around $40 per month. This allows you to watch 50+ live channels as well as ...

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Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are in demand, and it will continue to be in demand because everyone wants quick financial solutions and credit cards are often considered to be the best source of temporary finance to keep them going. While there is nothing wrong with this ideology, it is important to understand that credit cards are not the best source of temporary finance for us. Today, we will look at the disadvantages of using credit cards and being dependent on it. 1. It is often used for luxuries than necessities With a credit card in our wallet, we tend to use it on luxurious rather than using it for necessity. This is where most of the problems begin in our lives, and we find it difficult to get back on track. If you are spending and amount unnecessarily on a luxury that is not required at the moment, you’ll have to face the consequences of the same for the next few months and even years. Using the money for luxuries when you do not have enough to satisfy your necessity is not a smart decision. 2. It can have a negative impact on your credit score If you have adequate knowledge about ...

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An Ounce of Prevention: Keep Up with Maintenance to Protect Your Big Investments

You shouldn’t wait until there is water gushing through your ceiling to get your roof inspected or to make repairs. Nor should you wait until there’s fire coming out of your hood to take your car in for a tune-up and new belts. Regular maintenance should be a part of taking care of your big-ticket items to protect your investment, and that includes regular inspections so that you can identify problems before they cause major damage and require expensive repairs. Regular maintenance just makes good financial sense. Here are a few things you should be doing to protect those major investments: Your Home Your home needs a long list of routine maintenance to keep it in top shape. Some of the basics include: Roof inspection Gutter cleaning Plumbing inspection Pest inspection and treatment Chimney cleaning Septic cleaning and pumping HVAC checkup and cleaning Vent cleaning Energy audit There are many more things you can (and should) do, depending on the type of house you own, the appliances you have, and where you live. One thing to keep in mind is that even when you are scheduling something like a chimney or other type of cleaning, the professional will be inspecting ...

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Home Care or Professional Care?

As our parents and other relatives get older and begin to experience declining health, we struggle with how best to care for them. The two most common choices are to take them to an assisted living facility or to make plans to care for them in their home. The cost of these two choices is obviously very different. The expense associated with skilled care in either a nursing home or an assisted living home is a major barrier for many families who would prefer to have their loved one receive that level of care. Yet the home care option isn’t as cheap as it may first seem. There are a number of hidden costs that you may not think about with home care. Making sure you capture all these considerations is essential for making an accurate comparison of the two options. Staying at home is likely to still be less expensive, but you will still need to make provisions for certain expenditures. Home Modifications Part of the reason you may be investigating nursing homes is that their home may be unsafe for them, due to mobility or vision limitations. If you choose to make home modifications that permit them to ...

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Can the Government Destroy Bitcoin?

A form of digital currency, Bitcoin can be used in exchange for other currencies, products, and services. It is not printed and not handheld. Thus, unlike real cold cash, this digital currency works without a central bank or an administrator. In other words, it is not fully regulated by any law. The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has concerned a lot of experts. It’s an issue whether Bitcoin should be tolerated by the government or not. So the big question is, can the government destroy Bitcoin? China’s Ban on Digital Money Trade In September last year, China declared a deferral in the use of China-based digital money trade among all domestic trading in yuan. The decision was preempted right after a statement from regulatory authorities in China requiring domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to publish a closing announcement, to cease the registration of new users, and to create a schedule for abolishing the yuan-denominated trading. The said declaration, however, did not result in the banning of the use of cryptocurrency but the exchange of cryptocurrency. Indeed, it has provoked some to consider whether a legislature may boycott digital forms of money like bitcoin. More vitally, will such a boycott be powerful enough ...

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