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Quickest Ways to Lose Money on the Internet

bad internet money ideas

The Internet is full of great stuff for finance enthusiasts and people who generally want to make money. However thee are also a lot of stuff that will fool you into believing that you can either get a great bargain or get rich quick if you participate in certain schemes. This article will show you some of the most frequent methods people lose money online these days while at the same time they believe they are actually participating in a great money making scheme.  Penny Auction Sites Penny action sites were very popular some years ago. Even though their popularity faded over time they are still present on the web in 2014. Essentially, these sites will auction various products such as iPhones, tablets and other cool stuff for seemingly extremely small prices, such as $10, $20 and similar. The concept these sites use is in itself not a scam and there is nothing illegal about such sites. It’s just that due to the nature of how these sites work people will end up spending much more money than the $10 price they pay for an iPhone. These sites work the following way: You as a customer are required to purchase ...

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Consumer Report Card: Top Six Accounting Software Programs Today

Small business accounting software programs

The report is in – people like making and saving money.  However, coupons and deals only save immediately, yet those who excel at accounting are good at managing an ongoing and healthy flow of income. If you’re not employing top-grade accountants to handle your expense sheets, give the following quality accounting software programs a try. FreshBooks TheFreshBooks interface is sleek and easy to use.  Traditional and digital options let owners utilize mobile tools or capitalize on snail-mail options.  Users appreciate numerous integrated add-on options while others complain about the software’s inability to manage large numbers of clients and inventory.  FreshBooks is quickly becoming a premier choice for freelance specialists who seek simple accounting tools for tracking time, expenses, and invoices. QuickBooks QuickBooks, a proven name in accounting software, offers several versions, such as Accountant.  Enter a batch of information from one screen; import bulk data from Excel; and, locate and fix client errors with extensive account review options. Particular packages allow members to collaborate and interact with other QB users in the cloud.  Such is convenient for third parties that want to review data online with clients.  The Simple Start package costs under $15 and provides advanced invoicing, reporting, expense tracking, ...

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The Common Courtesy of a Life Insurance Policy

If you’re over the age of 30 with no spouse or dependents, you may think you don’t need life insurance because you don’t have a family to depend on. However, many people fail to consider the family whose house they were raised in. These individuals were likely taught good manners, but seem to forget them where life insurance is involved. While a life insurance policy can help a breadwinner provide financial stability to those who need them most in the event of their death, it also ensures that your family members and estate are not unduly devastated during an already difficult time, which would be extremely insensitive of you. You can read about Suncorps life insurance product directly on their site & decide for yourself if it can be of benefit to you. For starters, if today was your last day, who would pay for your funeral? Even a basic ceremony can total well over $10,000, and if you lack the adequate life insurance to cover these expenses, some unwitting family member will be stuck with the unfortunate burden. It would be terribly impolite to die unexpectedly and leave your debts unsettled. It’s enough that you won’t be showing up ...

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Five Things You (Didn’t) Learn in College

College is a time for experimentation, a time where young people venture away from their parents and in the great yonder— an expansive space where activity in misapplied idealism is as commonplace as expose-like sexual experimentation.   If all of life were like college the world would be a pantomime of efficiency, a farce to discipline and fetal alcohol syndrome would be as common in the U.S as AIDS is in Swaziland. It is thusly a miss-remembrance to state that college is the best point of one’s life, like stating that Meet the Falkers is the high point of DeNiro’s career.  In fact, the best things learned throughout life aren’t learned during the go-go college years: they are learned in the years that come after.  What follows are five things you didn’t learn in college, but know now. 1)      All money is not beer money. As a college student, if you didn’t put 60% or more of your money towards drinking related endeavors (including the obligatory and regrettable late night food binges) you either a) where studying or working, and thus the white buffalo of your dorm, b) not getting laid, c) spending money on marijuana or other substances (acceptable alternative).  ...

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