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Do You Know What You Should Do? It is Your Life, Your Career, and Your Future: Master the Art of Investing for Retirement in Any Market.

How we live in our golden years ought to reside more on the golden side, without any inclination towards penniless living. The comfort with which we live in our post-employment years depends mainly on how we plan for retirement today. Retirement planning requires you to identify your income goals and to then work towards reaching them. Most of us craft our retirement income to grow from a well-planned investment portfolio. A balanced and diversified investment portfolio is considered the best course of action for retirement savings. This means a healthy combination, of among other things, stocks and bonds. Principally, the goal is to own shares in companies of varying sizes, from a myriad of areas and industries, with both growth and value shares. Bonds can and should also be diverse. For your portfolio, this means owning corporate, treasury and government agency bonds with a variety of maturities. Your financial planning must contain a degree of understanding on your part. If financial lingo is overwhelming, any financial advisor will happily walk through your portfolio with you.  However, an expert should never suggest that you do not attempt to educate yourself regarding your portfolio. The very real probability that your investments will ...

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4 Simple Ways To Save on Health Care

It seems that the cost of staying healthy goes up every year. Premiums increase, copays increase, and deductibles swell to unbearable levels. For anyone with a chronic condition, it can be incredibly stressful to stay on top of the medications, doctor visits, and other interventions needed to stay healthy while maintaining a good financial standing throughout life. For that reason, it’s very important to utilize any tool you can find to get these costs under control. You may not be able to anything about some of them, but you can do enough to be worth the effort. Find Cheaper Sources Of Meds Medication is very important to our health. Whether it’s prescribed for a short-term illness or a chronic condition, we must be able to pay for the medicines we need. The good news is that many products are generic, cutting costs right off the bat. But it doesn’t end there. You can also save a lot of money just by choosing a different place to buy your medications. Don’t assume they are all the same; they are not! There are a number of other sources of drugs that can get you the very same product at a much lower ...

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5 Everyday Items You Can Always Save on with Coupon Codes

Soap, pet food, meals, other toiletries, and home items are some of the things that individuals always put on shopping lists. According to Statista, the majority of Americans visit a grocery store for their everyday needs at least once a week; many even go as many as three times a week. In 2016, the average budget of an American household for food was a little over $7,000 yet only a small percentage use discount coupons. And why not use coupons? Many companies offer coupons and intentionally increase their budget on coupon offerings because it helps with their bottom line. On the part of the consumer, money-saving coupons can save you anywhere from $30 to $50 a week! It would even be higher than the average annual salary increase which has been pegged at only 3% per annum. It is unfortunate that there is that stigma about coupons only for “poor people.” Not so at all because anyone can use coupons and benefit from the savings. In fact, many millionaires admit to using coupons because it is smart financing. This 2018, some of the everyday items you can save using coupon codes: If you have a cat, Pretty Litter is offering ...

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Why do so many new Forex traders fail? Here’s how you can succeed!

In the internet age, all you need in order to start trading forex is a smartphone and your bank card. Download an app, set up your account and you are good to go. But take a look in the popular press, and you will see that the question is not whether you can trade on the money markets but whether you should. According so some reports, as many as 96 percent of new traders take on the money markets and fail dismally.

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The Pros of Getting a Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation

When it comes to getting personal loans, people are sometimes scared to take this step because they only think about the disadvantages that a personal loan has. But besides the fact that a loan has some cons, it also has a lot of pros which can clearly make you change your mind. Whatever your needs may be, a personal loan can for sure be a fast, affordable and saving solution that you need to take into consideration when it happens for you to go through some hard times. Nowadays, the application process is very easy and you will not have to fill out forms that are too complicated, so the process of getting a loan should not scare you. Nevertheless, if you are interested in knowing more about personal loans, just keep on reading.

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