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DIY Rock Chip Repair and Some Extra Savings

We all know that DIY car repairs can save tons of money. I would love to have pocketed the money we’ve spent on car repairs and maintenance over the years, but who am I kidding? Everything under the hood looks like a thingamajigger to me and watching a million YouTube videos isn’t going to help. However, I have finally found one car repair that anyone can do at home. Windshield Rock Chip Repair We have a 1999 Civic named Yertle that I drive almost exclusively in the summer. Yertle is old and slow but runs great and gets good gas mileage. We are all for keeping him running but don’t want to spend more than necessary. I set out for town one Saturday a few weeks ago and noticed a rock chip in Yertle’s windshield. If you’ve ever had a chip in your windshield you probably know what happens if you let it go. The whole windshield has to be replaced, which can cost a few hundred dollars. We seem to get a couple of rock chips a year, and they usually cost around $30 to replace. I called the glass shop we use only to find them closed, along ...

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