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Health And Wealth Challenge: Week 3

Kit Kat's aren't good for fitness

If you aren’t health or wealthy or trying to get there, I’m sure you’re bored with my last few Friday posts, but I’m determined to stay the course and complete Tonya’s Health and Wealth Challenge. I actually think I need to report to someone every month so I won’t lose the good habits I’ve been cultivating. When I was younger, my Mom joined Weight Watchers a few times and always lost weight because she had to be weighed in front of people every week. Once she stopped, she always gained the weight back. I now understand the power or sharing with the public. I would have totally finished off that last Halloween Kit Kat if I didn’t have to report in! In case you missed them, you can go back and read week 1 and week 2 if you want to track my progress. Health: Nutrition My main goal this week was to keep track of my eating with myfitness pal.com. I did do that, and actually ate really well. I think. It’s hard to quantify some foods, like my cheesy chicken chowder that I make at home. I try to overestimate when in doubt. I felt the need to snack ...

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