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How To Afford Back To School Costs

Afford back to school costs

When I read an article last year about the average family spending $350 per child on back to school items, I thought that was insane. I know my kid is young,  but her school supply list has never been anywhere close to that amount. We were able to get all the things on the second grade list for under $20.I even have a post about where to get the cheapest school supplies! Why can’t people afford back to school costs? I assumed these parents must be out of their mind buying new shoes and clothes for their kids. Then, I started thinking about all the other things we spend money on at back to school time. I’m not sure if those are added in with the average cost estimate, but if they were, I can see how it might cost hundreds of dollars to go back to school. Obvious Costs The obvious costs include things like backpacks, pencils, notebooks, all those items in the bins up front at big box stores right now. You also have to dress your child and make sure they have shoes. There are a million ways to save money on these things, like buying used, ...

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