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Bees in My Hummingbird Feeder-How To Deal With a Money Crisis

  We have really been enjoying our hummingbirds this summer. I know it makes me sound really boring and old, but I look forward to seeing them every day. This past weekend we had a hummingbird crisis. Bees found our feeder and swarmed it so badly that the hummingbirds could not get in. I have nothing against bees. They make honey and provide pollen and all that, but I don’t necessarily want to attract them or make them angry, and I certainly don’t want them messing with my hummingbirds. We can think of the bees like things in life that want to take our money away. Whatever your money or bee crisis, how you deal with it can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Ignore It or Deal With It We had two choices with our bees. We could ignore them or deal with them. There were merits to both. Ignore them-If we ignore them, we aren’t risking our flesh and the probability of needing large quantities of Benadryl. However, this also means that we get to watch swarming bees instead of our slightly neurotic bird friends.Eventually, there will be so many bees that we will probably ...

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