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Are Excuses Why You Can’t Get Ahead At Work?

why people can't get ahead at work

Since we are devoting this week to stopping excuses, today I’d like to find out if excuses are why you can’t get ahead at work. A consensus of comments on my recent debt payoff interview seemed to argue that my situation is not real world and that most people have an “average salary” from a “normal” job and don’t earn enough money to pay off debt. I know there are people who make much more or much less than we do, but I think we’ve all heard the excuses people use about their work and salary. Today, it’s time to stop the excuses and either be happy with what you have or find a way to change it. I Hate My Job If you continually complain about hating your job, it’s hard to get ahead. If you think your boss doesn’t know that you hate coming to work, you’re probably not paying attention. I’ve always been able to tell when an employee stops liking their job, and I can’t think of a time when this has happened and performance didn’t decline. You don’t have to love your job, but you do have to realize it provides a source of income. Think ...

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