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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #44- Hummingbird Wars

We have tried for years to attract hummingbirds. One reason we never had many was that our dog, Ralph, used to jump up and knock down the hummingbird feeders to drink the nectar. He was a pretty mellow dog, and I’m not sure how he was acrobatic enough to manage it, but it seems no matter how high we put those suckers, he could get to them. With Ralph off eating treats in doggie heaven, we have a slew of hummingbirds this year. They remind me of the scene in one of the Star Wars movies where all the spaceship are zipping around the city. It amazes me how much energy they spend on chasing each other away from the feeders. If they could share and not be so neurotic, they might realize there is more than enough to go around, but isn’t that true of many other creatures as well? The upcoming week is going to be a pretty exciting one here, so stay tuned. I’ll give you a hint. It could involve virtual cake, and there is going to be lots of money given away. Make sure you stop back in! I have a huge charity event for ...

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