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20/20 Posts of the Week- Ecstatic about a $300 Car Repair

The last few months have not been great for our 2008 Altima. It broke down earlier this summer, and for the last month or so has been so loud that I feel like Jethro and Ellie May going down the road. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance in car jargon as you read the story. We assumed it was something with the muffler, so we too it to a muffler shop. The muffler guy said it was more of an internal exhaust leak, and he only worked on external things. We let it go for a few more weeks, but it was really getting loud, and Jim started to smell exhaust when the car was idling. Yesterday, I took the car in to a local mechanic shop, hoping for a easy fix. I did not get my wish. When I got the news, I had to call Jim and tell him we had a cracked cataclysmic corroborator, which he corrected to catalytic converter. (I like my word better) Anyway, to order a new CC plus labor to install it, the cost was around $1000. The mechanic seemed pained to tell me this, but not as pained as it felt to ...

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