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6 Money Tips for College Graduates

In another couple of months, universities and colleges will be turning out another fine graduating class. It’s been well over a decade since I left the halls of higher education. I would say that I’ve had my share of successes, but I certainly could be tons more successful if I’d followed these six tips for college graduates. Start Your Budget Right Now Assuming you have a job and are not moving back in with Mom and Dad, start tracking your monthly expenses vs income. It’s the only way to know what you can afford and what you might be wasting money on. You’ve graduated. There is no need to be cool anymore. Get out the spreadsheets.

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Are Graduate Degrees Worth the Money?

cost of an optometry school degree

When I was growing up, there was never a doubt that I would go to college. My mother made that a priority. I also knew pretty much from junior high on that I would receive an advanced degree. I wanted a really good job. That was how I thought you got one.  Over the past few years, I’ve begun to wonder if an advanced degree or any degree at all is necessary for financial success. We’ll look at myself and my husband as examples. Health Professional Degree My undergraduate degree was in biology. Luckily, I received scholarships to cover tuition and living expenses. I came out with no debt, but a biology degree doesn’t really get you very far. Unless I wanted to teach, I can’t think of many other things where this degree earns a decent salary. Even to go into university teaching or research, you’d have to get at least a master’s degree or Ph.D. Medical, dental, optometry, chiropractic, and pharmacy schools are all four year programs. As with any degree, costs vary according to things like state vs private schools or in state vs out of state tuition. Unlike DC at Young Adult Money’s post about MBA’s ...

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A Week in the Life of An Optometrist

I had some really serious topics last week with sequestration, taxes, and selling out. Today I thought I’d share a little bit of the lighter side of my work. While I’ve been frustrated with some of the business aspects of being in private practice, I truly love most of my patients. I’ll give you a glimpse into a week in the life of an optometrist. These are all honest to God patients and true stories. Monday: A gentleman shows up and marks on his history form that he has glaucoma. He was not under treatment because he though his diabetes medicine would work for glaucoma as well. I appreciate dual uses for products but since his pressure was 26 and 47 (normal is under 21), we can safely conclude that diabetes medicine doesn’t work for glaucoma. After a long discussion about vision loss from untreated glaucoma, how to take drops, how he can get assistance if he can’t afford his drops, and how important follow up is, I asked if he had any questions. Like a good patient, he did. Mr. Glaucoma: “Can you do anything about the scratches on my glasses?” That sound you heard Monday afternoon was me ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Selling Kid’s Clothes on Ebay

selling kids clothes on ebay

Spring is in the air, and we all know what that means. Bird watching, walks in the park, picking flowers, nope, it’s time to make some money! If you have kids, they seem to grow overnight. One day those pants fit just fine, the next thing you know, they have become capris. While, it’s easier to take everything to the thrift store, there is money to be made if you know how. We’ve made hundreds of dollars selling kid’s clothing on Ebay, and you can too. Become an Ebay Seller If you’ve never used Ebay, it’s very easy. While some sellers have stores on Ebay, this post is for the beginner or small time seller. You need to set up some basic information and have a Paypal account. Ebay walks you right through how to list and price items, or you can watch a video on Youtube. If you have a smart phone, there are Ebay apps that make it even more simple. Sell in Lots I’ve found that when selling any clothing items on Ebay, they tend to do better when listed in lots, meaning that you list several items as one purchase. While it might not be worthwhile ...

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #29-Gotta Love the Neighbors

Less than 48 hours ago, it was 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it’s 30 degrees, and we are having a winter storm warning. Normally I wouldn’t care, but my husband had to drive 60 miles to take a test for his master’s degree at 7:30 AM this morning. He made it OK, and is taking the test right now. If he passes, this is essentially the last step before he can move up the ranks from teacher to administrator. While I don’t quite understand why, he really wants to do that, so send good thoughts his way!

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