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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #4

As you are reading this, husband and I are in Las Vegas for Vision Expo West AND our tenth wedding anniversary. It’s great that they happened on the same weekend. We can take a mini-vacation and write it off as a business expense. Conferences are a great way to get fired up about what you are doing. Hopefully, I will be able to attend Fincon next year for that same reason. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I must have hit it big and am counting my money. Eyes on the dollar continues to grow, in spite of my inadequacies, because of all the selfless bloggers out there who continue to support me. This week I was featured on several sites. Love back to all you guys. I am doing the list a little early this week, so PLEASE let me know if I missed someone. Andrea gave me the opportunity to go a guest post, In Search of Perfect  at So Over This. It drove up some controversy, so check it out and see what you think. Quick Hits and Weekend Reading-Young Adult Money (I’m glad DC could still do a round up after all he ate ...

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Use Credit Cards to Get Free Clothes

There seem to always be numerous posts about credit cards with all sorts of varied opinions.  You can look at the facts posted by Kurt at Money Counselor. Some think all credit is evil, and we should burst into flames if we apply for a card. Some feel we should make all purchases with a credit card for ease of tracking finances and rewards. I fall somewhere in the middle. If you are smart and disciplined, you can make the best use of credit cards and take advantage of cash or merchandise rewards. I personally hate to spend money on clothes for myself. For the past couple of years, I have gotten almost all my clothes for free.  All I had to do was pay my bills on time. Back in the day, our household did not have a healthy credit card relationship. At our lowest (or highest) point, we owed over $30,000 to Visa, Mastercard, AmEx , and Discover. Since then, we have seen the error of our ways and do not use credit for things we don’t have the money to purchase. When we used to apply for any credit card that was available, I signed up for an Old Navy Visa card.  ...

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September 2012 Goals

September looks to be a very busy month. We are working like mad to get our rental property ready for by October 1. Vision Expo West is being held the same weekend as FinCon. It is the optometrist equivalent of the blogger conference, a bunch of nerdy professional eyeball people looking to possibly learn something and party like the age they think wish they still were. I also remembered that I have scheduled a yard sale later this month, mostly to sell old office furniture before the sale of my business.  I have a couple of other people joining me, so I can’t cancel. I usually do my best work when I’m severely overscheduled. We’ll see if I can keep all the plates spinning. Let’s take a look back at last month’s goals. Blog Goals 1. Publish content at least four times a week until I have 30 posts done. Pass. I’ll keep this goal the same, but it will get harder because of the other things going on. Wish me luck. 2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week. Blew it out of the water. I love doing this. I’ll also keep this one the same with the above caveats. 3.Learn ...

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Happy Labor Day, Useless Fact Edition

For those friends in North America, I hope you all enjoy your day off. For those friends elsewhere, I’ll think of you while you’re at work. Since it is a holiday, I’ll share a few useless, interesting facts about me. I have been to Graceland six times. (I lived in Memphis for a while) I once rode a mechanical bull. (It hurt) I love most animlas but am terrified of spiders,  birds, and teenagers. (not particularly in that order) Daniel Boone’s sister is buried in my hometown. (Our one claim to fame besides moonshine) I know your day will be much better now knowing these facts. I hope everyone has a great holiday or Monday, wherever you are! What’s your favorite Elvis song? Would you rather be locked in a room with spiders, birds, or teenagers?      

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #3

  I had yesterday off from my real job, so I spent day one of working on the rental property. Three hours cleaning the most disgusting refrigerator I’ve ever seen has left me a bit tired. If I’d never had a child, I don’t think I could have done it, but after you’ve been puked, peed and pooped on, most things just aren’t so bad. My husband gets a shift today with some demolition in the bathroom. It should be fun. I think I need to find something cute to call him on my blog, but I just can’t come up with anything. Mr. Eyes just sounds creepy, and Mr. E.D., well we just don’t want to go anywhere near that. If anyone can come up with a clever name, I’m all ears. Eyes on the Dollar experienced some more love this week. It it truly amazing that people are reading and sharing things I write.  Thanks, guys for the mentions. The Sunday Review-Top Posts of the Week-Savvy Scot August25th 2012 Favorite Blog Posts-Modest Money What I’m Reading: Getting the Car Serviced Edition-Erin Shanendoah/Dog Ate My Wallet Sublime Saturday Assemblage #34-Master the Art of Saving Weekend Wind Down 8/25/2012-Getting in Back ...

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