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5 Tips for Planning Your Weekend on a Budget

Getting out and enjoying yourself is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, working long hours can prove massively detrimental to your health. So it’s never been more important for people to get out and enjoy themselves when they do have free time. The good news is, you can plan a stellar weekend out without breaking the bank. Just follow these five simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to having the time of your life –– while staying on budget:   Seek out Deals and Dives   Sometimes the best places to spend an evening out aren’t easy to find. Fortunately, you can scour the dives and tucked-away gems to find spots with the best specials without having to drive around town for hours. Instead, a cursory search on Facebook or another social media platform will likely yield a few solid –– and economical –– options to indulge in right in your own backyard!   Creative Exercise   It’s easy for even the most health-conscious people to get bored with their workout routine from time to time. Note that you can utilize your weekend free time to plan a new type of workout. Invite friends, go to ...

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Tips on How You Can Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

Car insurance is a cost which can be quite frustrating, not only is this a legal obligation for all drivers, but if you pay it for a year and nothing bad happens, it can leave you slightly annoyed. With this being said, if something bad does happen, you will be thanking your lucky stars that insurance exists. The key to reducing the frustration is to ensure that you get auto insurance which fits your needs, and the cheapest price possible. In order to do this, here are some useful tips on getting the best price when shopping for auto insurance. Try Not To Get Sucked In We often have a notion that one particular insurer is cheaper than the others, because of the volume of money which they invest into their marketing strategies. A highly marketed company may be the best option, but you shouldn’t assume so just because you know who they are. The best way to get your car insurance at the best price is to shop around and use comparison sites to see who is really cheapest.  Going Local? If you see a local insurance agent, they may appear as though they aren’t a good option for ...

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A Helpful Guide To Building Your First Emergency Fund

What does Big Foot, Trump’s sense of empathy, and your savings have in common? None of them exists! A night spent in the woods won’t reveal a Sasquatch any more than extensive scrolling on Trump’s Twitter feed will reveal a heartwarming tweet. Likewise, you won’t unearth a hidden treasure chest just by staring at your savings account. But there is one thing that sets your absent savings apart from the others. You won’t find something that isn’t there, but you can build up savings from scratch. If the thought of starting your emergency fund strikes fear in your heart, stay calm. You’re already taking a step in the right direction by thinking about your money in this way. Your next step is to use this guide to learn simple ways that help create savings. Think about your goals critically The foundation of successful savings is a specific goal. When you can give a reason why you’re putting your money away, you’ll feel more inclined to continue saving. Make them personal because that’s the only way you’ll convince yourself to spend less money on fun things. Personal finance guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade recommends you: Figure out what’s important to you. So what ...

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What Are Your Best Silver And Gold Options Right Now?

If you’re not paying attention to the price of silver and gold, it’s time to tune in. Market volatility, rising inflation, and a weak U.S. dollar are combining to create the perfect storm for precious metal commodities. What the gold and silver markets are seeing may be the beginning of another bull run, the likes of which have seen silver prices triple and gold reach record heights. All signs point toward risks on the market and good news for precious metals. The window of opportunity to strike gold with precious metal investments can feel long when prices stagnate for years, but when gold and silver prices start to move, you can quickly find yourself looking in from the outside. If you’re not already holding gold or silver bullion, it’s time to get moving. But first you need to know what you’re buying. Gold Bullion Options Gold bullion means fine gold products with a high standard of purity (at least .995 for bars and .900 for coins). Coins and bars are the most common forms of gold bullion, though there are also wafers (which can be easily split up for transactional purposes) and gold bullion jewelry. There are many private and ...

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How to Create a Business Trading in OTC Markets

Becoming a day trader can be fraught with anxiety. When you learn how to trade penny stocks in OTC markets and take on the lifestyle of being a high frequency trader, you can pitch yourself into a situation where you are not sure where your financial security is coming from on a day to day basis. It can be very stressful. Unless you manager your overhead, your spending and your activity in a very efficient manner. That comes from learning about the right way to run a business. Because once you become a trader or an investor, you automatically become a business. You will need to control your spending, keep track of your income, figure out your taxes and make a profit. All that comes from experience. And reading business books with timeless advice about how to conduct yourself in a capitalist system. OTC markets could be the most capitalist of any financial market. It is always buyer beware when it comes to operating in over the counter markets. So, you need to approach trading in these markets with a significant amount of respect for the risk. Novice traders have no place in OTC markets. The level of experience needed ...

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