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What Are Your Best Silver And Gold Options Right Now?

If you’re not paying attention to the price of silver and gold, it’s time to tune in. Market volatility, rising inflation, and a weak U.S. dollar are combining to create the perfect storm for precious metal commodities. What the gold and silver markets are seeing may be the beginning of another bull run, the likes of which have seen silver prices triple and gold reach record heights. All signs point toward risks on the market and good news for precious metals. The window of opportunity to strike gold with precious metal investments can feel long when prices stagnate for years, but when gold and silver prices start to move, you can quickly find yourself looking in from the outside. If you’re not already holding gold or silver bullion, it’s time to get moving. But first you need to know what you’re buying. Gold Bullion Options Gold bullion means fine gold products with a high standard of purity (at least .995 for bars and .900 for coins). Coins and bars are the most common forms of gold bullion, though there are also wafers (which can be easily split up for transactional purposes) and gold bullion jewelry. There are many private and ...

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How to Create a Business Trading in OTC Markets

Becoming a day trader can be fraught with anxiety. When you learn how to trade penny stocks in OTC markets and take on the lifestyle of being a high frequency trader, you can pitch yourself into a situation where you are not sure where your financial security is coming from on a day to day basis. It can be very stressful. Unless you manager your overhead, your spending and your activity in a very efficient manner. That comes from learning about the right way to run a business. Because once you become a trader or an investor, you automatically become a business. You will need to control your spending, keep track of your income, figure out your taxes and make a profit. All that comes from experience. And reading business books with timeless advice about how to conduct yourself in a capitalist system. OTC markets could be the most capitalist of any financial market. It is always buyer beware when it comes to operating in over the counter markets. So, you need to approach trading in these markets with a significant amount of respect for the risk. Novice traders have no place in OTC markets. The level of experience needed ...

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Obtaining Money When You Need It

Things happen and budgets are obliterated. While we can prepare for plenty of issues with proper saving techniques, things can and will happen every once in a while that leaves you stuck. It could be that you were laid off from work. Maybe there was an accident that required you to go to the hospital and take you out of work for a bit. There can be a number of reasons why you have an issue and you are suddenly very broke. Today we look at a few ways to help you find some quick money and start preparing for the future. Going To The Pawn Shop So you find yourself with a broken down car and you just paid your rent/mortgage and utility bills. There is nothing left to fix this one tiny thing that can help you get to work and make your income. What to do? Take a look around and see if you have anything that is worthy of taking to a pawn shop. You can begin with jewelry as oftentimes this can bring you the most in cash. Rather than take it to a pawn shop you may want to look to a jewelry store. ...

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The Basics of Disability Insurance

Many people assume that disability insurance only makes sense if you have a high-risk job that involves strenuous activity, dangerous sites, or heavy machinery. However, statistics suggest otherwise. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire, and accidents are not the leading cause of disability. Instead, most long-term absences are caused by things that can happen to anyone, from a common back injury to cancer. Disability insurance provides many benefits for disabled workers and their families. Women can use disability insurance to cover lost wages when they take maternity leave. Short-term disability insurance can help protect workers during a serious illness or after a surgery that requires a lengthy recovery period, and long-term disability insurance can cover those with chronic mental conditions. Although the former isn’t meant to last longer than two years, the latter can cover a policyholder from one year up to age 67. Often, your age determines the standards and benefits of your disability insurance. The younger you are, the higher the standard for disability will be and the lower the amount you will receive. Keep in mind that most insurance policies stop covering policyholders once ...

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What Made the Litecoin Price Rise?

The past few months haven’t been easy for Litecoin, which, like many cryptocurrencies, has been losing value since mid-December, when it was worth more than USD 350. However, despite strong negative pressure, the popular altcoin’s market cap has once again reached the USD 12 billion threshold. After a very steep fall recorded on February 20th, when Litecoin shed about USD 78, falling from USD 262.60 to USD 184.68 in only 3 days, the digital currency, frequently described as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, is heading back up and is currently trading at around USD 205,45.   Improved Market Sentiment and FOMO   The recent rise in Litecoin’s price is said to be due to improved market sentiment about cryptocurrencies in general, with many investors viewing the weaker market as an opportunity to get involved. The FOMO – or Fear of Missing Out – factor is likely at play here, since many new and prospective crypto traders are known to regret not buying into the top digital currencies some time ago, especially considering the impressive gains seen last year. These traders have been monitoring the digital currency markets, waiting for any signs of an incipient rally. As soon as a slight ...

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