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Fincon 13: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone and Loving It

Photo courtesy of Steve Stewart

In case you don’t read any other blog except Eyes on the Dollar, you might not know that the financial bloggers all congregated last week in St. Louis for Fincon 13. I was fortunate enough to be there. If you’ve already read 500 Fincon summaries and can’t stand to read another one, don’t gouge your eyes out yet (that’s hard to fix). I think my takeaways can apply to just about any social situation, even if you aren’t a blogger. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone   Speaking for myself and many of the bloggers I met last week, we are not work the crowd type people. Although I have a day job and interact with the public, I am not good in crowds, and I’m terrible at starting conversations. If you have this personality, the more you avoid social situations, the worse it gets. I have to force myself to stay in public rather than retreating to my hotel room, and I did that for most of Fincon.  I’m proud that I met so many great people.  Don’t Try Too Hard When Meeting New People I went to the very first session at the beginning of Fincon, and it was ...

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