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2015 Goals: Boring, Boring, Boring

visiting all 50 states

I had a really hard time setting goals for the year. I’m not sure if it’s being tired and a little stressed from buying another rental property at the end of last year or if maybe I’m having a mid life indecision. I would not call it a crisis. I feel no need to go buy a convertible or take up with a younger man (do women do that or is it just middle aged men?) I almost skipped this post, but if you don’t put some sort of plan in writing, you run the risk of not accomplishing very much. My Goals Are Boring Last year was a really good year for our family. Jim got his dream job. I didn’t have to manage one employee crisis. We made good money. We lived on less that 50% of our income, and we invested lots. We also got to travel quite a bit. If this year is a repeat, I’ll be happy. Boring I know, but why mess with a good thing? Does this mean I’ve lost the fire? Maybe. I’m not sure. I know that ever since junior high, every year has been a push to be the best, ...

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