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Ways To Come Up With Money Quickly

ways to make extra money quickly

Nearly half of Americans  have less than $500 in savings. That’s not much security if things go wrong. A major car repair, new set of tires, or a trip to the emergency room could mean going into debt. Before taking out a high interest loan or whipping out a credit card to cover emergencies, consider that there might be other ways to come up with money quickly. Sell Something Odds are, there is something in your house that you don’t need or use anymore. Antiques, kid’s clothing, sporting gear, or musical instruments are popular sale items, but just about any product can be listed and viewed by a wide audience on Craig’s List. Having a yard sale can be good for a few hundred dollars. Also, any old gold or silver jewelry can be sold for scrap metal. If you still have your gold chains from the 80’s that could mean a pretty good payday! Ask For Overtime Depending on your employer, there could be potential overtime pay if there are legitimate tasks that need to be done to make the workplace more profitable or efficient. It might also make sense to ask for overtime if you know a co-worker ...

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