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Brains, Bikes, and Rules of the Road

We are all aware of the benefits of riding a bike as opposed to driving a car everywhere. Biking is much cheaper, better for the environment, and provides great health benefits. Well, it provides great health benefits unless you do something really stupid. This week, a 30 year old biker in my home town died in an accident with a car. He was going too fast, didn’t yield to traffic where he should have, and t-boned a huge SUV. He didn’t die of a ruptured aorta or complications from a broken femur. He died of massive head injuries, because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. I try really hard not to be preachy, but IF YOU ARE GOING TO RIDE A BIKE, WEAR A HELMET AND KNOW THE TRAFFIC RULES. I have done my fair share of road biking, and I admit, sometimes it gets a bit hairy if you are surrounded by cars. I can’t imagine riding in a big city without bike lanes, but there are some key points to remember to keep yourself safe while biking. Helmets People The most important thing you can do as a biker is to wear a helmet. Yes, wearing a helmet does ...

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