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Bundling: A Convenient Way to Save Money

save by bundling services

No matter what your economic status is, being able to save a few extra bucks on a regular basis is a common goal. From cutting back on extra spending to using coupons, we all strive to hold onto our hard earned cash. While there is certainly more than one way to skin a cat, a method that is becoming increasingly popular is through bundling packages.

An increasing number of service providers offer consumers the option to bundle their products or services that can help them to consolidate their bills and save money. Many consumers that have taken advantage of these offers find that it not only makes budgeting monthly expenses easier but also a lot more affordable.

Why Use Bundling?

There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to bundling services; however, one of the most obvious reasons is for convenience. Now, instead of having to pay two or three bills each month, you’re responsible for one payment for all of your subscriptions. Not only is bundling convenient as it pertains to billing, but it can also be convenient when you’re in need of assistance. Instead of having to call several service providers for help, you contact one provider and get what you need.

The other advantage to bundling products or services is the ability to save money. Service providers will offer a more attractive price than paying for each product or service separately. This discount can range from a few cents to a few dollars. However, as no one wants to openly leave free money on the table, any discount can be considered a bonus.

Now that you understand why it pays to bundle, let’s go over some of the common products and services you may be willing to give you a deal.

1. Home Entertainment Services

One of the most common products or services to receive bundle offers from is home entertainment services. Any need you have for television, phone and internet services can all be provided by a local cable or satellite television provider. For example, Direct-ticket.net local DirecTV offers television and internet services for under a hundred bucks. If you want satellite TV and use the internet (which most of us do), this would be an ideal package that could save you money on your monthly bills.

Most home entertainment service providers have an array of packages that you can choose from so that they are customizable to your viewing needs and budget. Whether you want hundreds of channels and high-speed internet, or you’re fine with a few basic channels and a mid-grade internet speed, you can find the package to accommodate your needs.

2. Insurance Policies

Home, renters and auto insurance companies are always looking for ways to bring in new customers. While you may know about them advertising savings for switching providers, current customers can also take advantage of bundling offers to save money. Car insurance companies allow you to insure more than one type of vehicle for additional savings. However, if you want to take it a step further, you can also insure your property through your car insurance provider. This could increase your savings and give you one point of reference should you need to discuss coverage options or file a claim.

3. Cell Phone Plans

Cell phone carriers are another service provider that advertises bundles. Instead of investing in a cell phone and plan for yourself, providers encourage you to add others to your service plan to save money. By adding two to three lines to your account, you’re often rewarded with additional minutes, text messaging and data to share. While this plan is most often attractive to families, roommates and coworkers looking to save money might also find it beneficial.

4. Car Repair/Maintenance Services

Another service provider that offers bundling packages is auto mechanics. Have you ever received an offer for a certain percentage off if you get an oil change and your tires rotated? Or maybe you get a deal on tires such as purchase three tires get the fourth one free. Each of these maintenance services is necessary to ensure your car operates effectively, and getting them both done at the same time not only saves you money but saves you time.

So the next time you get ready to make a purchase from a store or service provider, be sure to ask about bundling packages. Many times they have offers you can take advantage of that can save you anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars each month.


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