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What Must Be Included in Terms and Conditions to Protect Business Owners and Consumers

Online businesses need to have proper terms and conditions in place to maintain compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules and regulations concerning eCommerce activities, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. The rules include the use of emails, Internet advertising and consumer privacy issues. The terms and conditions for online businesses must be the first legal document that is put in place on a website. This is because these terms protect both business owners and consumers alike. Clear and concise terms and conditions should cover a variety of issues. They need to cover the goods or services offered on a website and much more. Including all of the crucial information in terms that are both legally correct and easily understood reduces the chance of a legal dispute arising or a case being lost in court. The courts favor a properly written set of terms and conditions, the Electronic Frontier Foundation tells online business owners. With this in mind, business owners need to ensure that they are including the following information in their terms and conditions. Including these subjects can not only help prevent negative situations, but they can help obtain and retain customers. Protecting Intellectual Properties Business owners need ...

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